Elle Optical Collection 2014

ELLE eyewear perfectly espouses the spirit of ELLE style


New frame inspirations take their lead from the catwalk trend in jewelled embellishments on clothing and accessories. This influence suffuses new frame styles in precious metallic and discrete gemmed enhancements. Complementing this ornate allure, the romantic magnificence of Parisian architecture makes its magic felt in sculpted profiles and decorative templates. Classicists will love the elegance of black, brown, red and tortoise hues while embracing the fresh brio of lilac and green.

The ELLE look pays homage to a woman’s individual spirit and taste. While new trends inspire, they never overpower. In essence, ELLE style is defined by a classic contemporary template accentuated by one-of-a-kind accents such as a vintage jacket or designer handbag. Confidence adds the refining touch: the ultimate look is carried off with consummate flair and elegance.

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