Feb 31st's Latest Luxury Capsule Collection Named 48,000

Unique Italian brand merges colour with the modernity of wood to create contemporary, luxury eye wear pieces.

FEB31st_Isaac-48000-chThe latest collection from boutique Italian eyewear brand, FEB31st embraces a combination of ethics and aesthetics to create a range of unique, sophisticated tinted wood sun and optical glasses.

Launched at Silmo 2013, the brand’s latest capsule collection is suitably named 48,000, a tribute to the range’s key ingredient, Kauri wood. This rare wood’s purity and famous ‘golden grain’ boasts a 48,000 year old heritage, dug deep from the ground in New Zealand, where it was buried and preserved in swamps. Kauri is the world’s oldest workable wood, and in partnership with famous Italian furniture designers RIVA1920, has been introduced into the eyewear world with FEB31st’s latest collection.

The collection’s ‘Isaac 48000’ model, designed by FEB31st Creative Director Valerio Cometti, was also nominated for a Silmo D’or Award this year. The design represented a big challenge for the design and manufacturing team, as it combines an innovative ‘single loop’ structure with Kauri wood. The result is a distinctive design, offering complete protection from UV rays.

FEB31st glasses are the result of a simple and strong idea: to revisit wood, an ancient and modern material, elegant and natural, through the design lens. The brand has expanded the eyewear landscape with its energetic use of colour, Italian design, and ecologically harvested wood species – bolivar and kauri.

Designed and made in Italy, the FEB31st collection epitomizes true Italian craftsmanship, ensuring the highest quality and comfort in every piece. From the very first sketches, Valerio Cometti poured great attention into ergonomics and wearability, preferring FEB31st to be recognized and renowned for its superbly made frames.

This eclectic sophistication has been achieved not only by the mix of colour and wood, but by paying attention to the smallest of details; the frame lightness of only 21grams, the perfect adherence to the face and the understated, ‘barely there’ branding.

FEB31st has the ambition to cast a new, different look upon the world by devoting care and attention to matter and colour. Far more than a simple collection of glasses, the use of wood has created a warm, appealing range that allows appreciators of luxury eye wear to create their own unique sense of style.

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