Versace Fall Winter 2013-14 Collection

Glamorous and rich in personality, the new Versace Fall/Winter collection presents a selection of models of contemporary taste and inspiration.

Accent features are the hyper-feminine contours for her and the strong lines for him, together with precious new details presented in a modern reinterpretation of the Versace icons. One example is the Couture theme, reinterpreted in the “Gianni Versace Couture” logo and depicted on a highly-refined golden plaque fitted on the outside of the temple, or the brand new interpretation of the Vanitas theme: the Medusa medallion is decorated with tone-on-tone enamels which recall the Vanitas pendant of Versace’s iconic it bag. A style made even more unique by original and appealing colours, without forgetting the timeless attraction of the Maison. All the collection models are also available in Asian Fit version. 


VE-4251-5064_87VE 4251

A frame with soft lines, slightly cat-eye shaped, for these elegant acetate sunglasses. Extraordinarily-made details enhance this model and make it one of a kind, such as the “Medusa” medallion, inspired by the iconic Versace Vanitas accessories collection, embossed on the refined tubular temple, where the hinge is located, and framed by the “Greca” motif golden profile. The decoration is further enhanced by precious enamels and by a colour range that includes black, eggplant and light brown with golden detail and brown enamel, pink Havana for the front and pink for the temples, with golden detail and black enamel, and opal sand for the front and opal beige for the temples with golden detail and sand enamel.

VE-3175-5065VE 3175 

Modern refinement combined with the glamour of Maison Versace gives this eyeglass model a contemporary and sophisticated charm. The soft cat-eye shape of the acetate front is enhanced by the new “Vanitas” motif detail fitted on the slim tubular temple, which enriches its elegant contour and makes this model the ideal accessory for glamorous women seeking a unique and exclusive fashion piece. This model is available in the following colors: petrol, eggplant, red, black and light brown with golden detail and matching enamel. 

VE-3172-999VE 3172

Inspired by the most sophisticated and seducing charm of the Maison Versace, this acetate eyeglass model features a slightly cat-eye shape and hyper-feminine line, and stands out even further thanks to the pleasant contrast between the slim line of the front and the thicker line of the temples. The “Vanitas” motif detail embossed on the temple and framed by the golden “Greca” motif profile conveys a unique luminosity and originality to this model. Available in a precious selection of colors that go from violet, red or brown lizard with golden detail and violet, red or brown enamel respectively, to black or pink Havana with golden detail and black enamel.


VE-4250-998_13VE 4250

The oversize line of this acetate sunglass model evokes appealing glamour accentuated by the important lines of the front and temples. The gaze is enhanced thanks to the new interpretation of the Couture theme conveyed by the design of the “Gianni Versace Couture” logo engraved on a golden plaque and fitted outside the temple using delicate golden screws. A touch of sophisticated and modern elegance for a model conceived for glamorous women in search of a bold and timeless style. Colors come in shades of red, white, light dusty pink, amber Havana and black, all with golden detail.

VE-3177-5068VE 3177

Fashion and feminine, contemporary and yet classic, these acetate eyeglasses are distinguished by a subtle understatement, the soft and feminine lines of which represent the glamour and charm of our time. These glasses are enhanced by the slim “Gianni Versace Couture” plaque fitted on the outside of the temple using small golden screws, for an end effect that is extraordinarily elegant and lightweight. The frame comes in a range of colors comprising black, violet, fuchsia, azure and amber Havana, all with golden detail. 

VE-4249-5048_73VE 4249

An appeal with a decisive character for this men’s sunglass model of classic taste with its square contour, offset by more contemporary urban-style glamour. A charm distinguished by a uniqueness highlighted by the oversize line of the acetate frame and enhanced by the “Gianni Versace Couture” logo detail, consisting of a golden plaque fitted using four screws of the same golden nuance as the logo. Available in a range of colors comprising streaked light brown with golden detail, Havana red with gunmetal detail, Havana red or black/white horn with gunmetal detail, and clear grey for the front, black/white horn for the temple and gunmetal detail.

VE-3173-989VE 3173

A clean and classic line for these men’s sunglasses in acetate with refined square profile, combining the sophisticated Versace style with the most fascinating glamour. The essentiality of this model is evidenced by the golden “Gianni Versace Couture” logo fitted on the outside of the temple using four golden screws that give the frame a touch of iconic originality. Glamorous and timeless, this frame comes in modern and elegant colors – clear blue or Havana red with gunmetal detail and streaked Havana or black with golden detail.

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