Gold & Wood launches its new eyepiece – Oculus

Spurred by the success of Oracles, Olympus, and Orus models, Gold & Wood launches its new eyepiece – Oculus.

Argu-Oculus-English-1From the “Heritage” family this unisex eyepiece is the proud successor of bestseller B09. With a new design and high technology, Oculus sets itself apart as a unique eyepiece.

Design Gold & Wood:

With new colors and new wood species , Oculus is definitely a contemporary eyepiece. Delicately hand-crafted with bright and contrasted colors, Oculus is a stylish & unique eyepiece.

Wood Lock ® System:

Argu-Oculus-English-2Equipped with our exclusive Wood Lock® mounting system, for better mounting and un-mounting of the lenses.

Adjustable temples:

With adjustable temples and new end tips, Oculus will fit and satisfy different morphology.

Ergonomic end tips:

Made out with acetate , this newly developed end tip will provide ultimate comfort & excellent fit.

Colors and wood species:

  • Oculus 01  – Ebony / Red chili
  • Oculus 02 – Tanganika / Mandarin
  • Oculus 03 – Acajou / Sand

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