Just Cavalli Presents Its Spring/Summer 2016 Eyewear Collection

The new frames are original and creative, pairing modern designs with striking prints and colours

Just Cavalli presents its new eyewear collection for Spring/Summer 2016: new optical and sunglass styles with contemporary designs that strike a perfect balance between elegance and sportiness.


jc717s_98vAmong the many sunglasses that Just Cavalli has presented, the classical, seductive JC717S frame radiates feminine irreverence. The bold acetate frame combines rounded features with a cat-eye design. Innovative colours accentuate its exclusive appeal: in addition to the iconic animal pattern, the model features a vibrant, exotic flower print.


jc728s_08nRubber is the key feature of the new JC726S and JC728S frames. The first frame has a vintage, rounded design. The simplicity of the rubberised, acetate surfaces conveys an androgynous femininity. The second frame is unisex, pairing an aviator-style frame front with straight, rubberised temples.

jc729s_20gThe men’s JC729S sunglasses have a linear, retro design with refined details, including the metal “J” insert between the frame front and the temples which displays the full printed logo, and the tapered shape of the frame front with its aerodynamic edges. Thin metal rods are visible through the transparent temples.


jc745s_56kFresh from the catwalk comes a trendy new accessory: the JC745S frame. The frame is a glam-rock reinterpretation of the aviator style, which conveys an innovative and exclusive femininity. The upper part of the acetate frame has thick, clean-cut sections, which taper down to thinner sections in the lower part. The change in thickness is highlighted by the sharply contrasting colours, while the slender temples are coupled with discreet screws and a linear bridge.


The wide, boxy, feminine JC0705 frame has slightly cat-eye features on the upper part and a distinctive colour scheme. The acetate frame front has classical nuances and striking colours. It is paired with contrasting-coloured metal temples.

jc0707_091Two exclusive men’s frames are remarkable for their combined retro and modern styling. The classical, rectangular JC0707 frame is timeless and easy-to-wear, while the phantos-shaped JC0708 frame has rounded features that are simultaneously retro and contemporary. Both frames have acetate frame fronts coupled with contrasting-coloured metal temples.

The new, trendy JC0709 frame reflects the brand’s modern, spirited style. Double acetate layers give the frame front an original, creative cat-eye design, while the interplay of overlapping formations produces a classic butterfly shape.

jc0714_066The androgynous, rigid JC0714 frame is characterised by straight lines. The rectangular frame front is made from lightweight metal and the acetate temples are adorned with a laser- printed animal pattern.

Irreverent animal prints and extraordinary graphics featuring exotic plants distinguish the new, exclusive JC0716 frame. The cat-eye design and intense colours of the acetate frame produce a youthful, chic effect.


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