LAPÖ: The Essential Frame For Men!

Lapö comes out with a new optical frame for men

Elegance and understatement is what defines the newest frame by Lapö created by Swedish designer Nils Giesecke. Easy-to-wear shapes, subtle details and subdued colours combine in the LAAA051 frame to form an impeccable look. Effortless yet evoking a sense of sophistication as one walks on with these timeless glasses, making it sure to appeal to men that are on a look out for an original style with an individualistic streak.

LAAA051 C01
LAAA051 C01

The Lapö brand came into existence when a Swedish designer Nils Giesecke collaborated with Opal Direct. A common trait of Lapö is its ability to provide alternatives as against the usual designer collections. Lapö has been consistent on approaching its vision of making fashion more beautiful, filling it with fun and very importantly making it accessible to everyone, since their inception. Targeting men, the latest model is available in colour choices of C01 black, C07 navy and C16 light brown.

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