Adidas Introduces Convertor Frames

Adidas Convertor is the first frame of its kind that changes one’s look even without any extra pair of temples


Adidas brings forward a newest innovation to eyewear with the Adidas Convertor frame for a target audience of fitness and sport infused enthusiasts. Some of the many new features that is to be observed here are the 3 new SPX adult shapes for sport minded individuals who want to wear an athletic frame before and after sports; and a frame made of patented lightweight and comfortable SPX® material that is flexible, lightweight and break proof for a supreme level of comfort and durability.

Also, with new temples that comprise of metal hinges for an easy incline, performance Steel™ inlay, as well as embedded temple screws to reduce risk of injuries; and the new ergo grip nose™ for a super soft and anti slip wearing comfort along with giving the wearer adaptability with its double click system.


To speak of the conversion options, each frame may be changed to 4 different looks either by reversing the convertor blade on the same temple or by reversing the convertor blade and changing it to the other temple.



Designed by Roland Keplinger, the models included in this collection are af39 (masculine/unisex), af40 (unisex/feminine) and af41 (masculine/unisex). The athletic design language clearly speaks sport and is sure to attract a younger and sportier target audience like never before!


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