Levi’s® Women Spring/ Summer 2013 Optical Collection

Personal style is more than just the latest look! It’s about having strength, determination and confidence, that inner glint of metal—a shining piece of that independent rock & roll spirit that breaks down barriers wherever they arise.

The Levi’s® Women Spring/Summer 2013 Optical Collection recalls this feminine strength and style in its combination of decorative studs and metal elements, because you deserve eyewear every bit as stunning as you are.

LS+Women+Opt+(May+2013)+-+ENG_split1-2LSL5043 C03 RED

Carry yourself like a star, with charm and confidence, and you’ll win over all doubters. Metal half-rim LSL5043 brings out your inner rocker, with a single well-placed stud and Levi’s® Wordmark logo highlighting the junction of a graceful eyefront and uniquely patterned temples. The narrow eyefront has the perfect touch of smart and sassy Levi’s® attitude – just like the Levi’s® woman.

LS+Women+Opt+(May+2013)+-+ENG_split1-3LSL6070 C02 PUR

The clustered studs on these models gleam with a take-charge appeal.Parallel rows of tiny metal studs give LSL6070 an air of depth and mystery,from the strength and sensitivity suggested in its feminine light purple option, to the contrary boldness and sophistication of its brown and translucent red option.

LS+Women+Opt+(May+2013)+-+ENG_split1-4LSL5044 C03 BRN

Metal half-rim LSL5044 takes as its inspiration a studded leather belt worn over stylish denim, an image of self assurance paired in the trio of studs and the Levi’s® Wordmark logo that highlight its slender eye front and temples.

LS+Women+Opt+(May+2013)+-+ENG_split1-5LSL6068 C01 BLK

A bolder statement is made by acetate full-rim LSL6068, whose daring feminine eyeshape flows into the three metal studs and Levi’s® Wordmark logo with well- LSL6068 C01 BLK deserved confidence.

LS+Women+Opt+(May+2013)+-+ENG_split1-6LSL6069 C04 DEMI

There’s an art to knowing how to make a statement without saying a word. Acetate full-frame LSL6069 speaks of bold tastes and creative flair, from the unique lines of the specially cut temple, to the cylindrical metal decor that artfully matches the frame in vibrant colors like tortoiseshell as well as rich red and black woodgrain.

LS+Women+Opt+(May+2013)+-+ENG_split1-7LSL6071 C03 RED

The fashionable temples of acetate LSL6071 combine braided metal and translucent acetate behind a glistening metal Wordmark logo plaque for an eyecatching look with a central message of strength, especially in the feminine soft gradient purple color option.


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