Levi's® Vintage Spring/Summer 2013 Optical Collection

Fashion evolves in cycles, from seeds planted not by designers and celebrities, but by everyday young people who break free from the conformity of the crowd and look to past styles for inspiration and authenticity.

The classic design elements in Levi’s® Vintage Spring/Summer 2013 Optical Collection imbue each frame with a sense of character, quality and style.

LVC+Opt+(June+2013)+-+ENG_split1-2LS96071 C04 DEMIB

The unusual combination of matte metal temples and handmade acetate eyefronts gives these frames a distinctive rough-finished look and rebellious air, finished with Levi’s®
Housemark logo on the inner left temple.

LVC+Opt+(June+2013)+-+ENG_split1-3LS94001 C02 BLK

The acetate front stands out against metal hinges that blend smoothly into a clean matte metal temple front, details balanced by a diminutive metal Levi’s® logo set into the end tip, a stunning combination of details whose vintage roots shine in a split black &  tortoiseshell colour option.Hybrid LS94001 pushes the envelope, pairing these elements with a matte metal bridge for a look that seamlessly blends vintage style with  contemporary flair.

LVC+Opt+(June+2013)+-+ENG_split1-4LS96072 C04 GRY

Round temples herald the beginning of a new trend in eyewear, embracing slim lines and subtle accents. Rectangular horizontal studs at the corners of acetate LS96072 draw the eye toward the rounded temple and its contrasting front, stamped with a metal Levi’s® Housemark logo and highlighted by a pair of metal bars.

LVC+Opt+(June+2013)+-+ENG_split1-5LS96075 C03 DEMIO

The result is a look that is as versatile as it is stylish, from the elegant appeal of tortoiseshell framed by gold in the black option, to the artistic sensibility of grey accented by silver and tortoiseshell. Bringing these features to a rounder eyeshape, LS96075 updates these vintage elements while retaining their distinctive charm, creating a modern
classic in matte colour options such as black and brown.

LVC+Opt+(June+2013)+-+ENG_split1-6LS96073 C01 BLK

Fun curves and unusual shapes are making a fashionable return in the custom hinges of these models, each wrapping smoothly into a temple that bears a metal Levi’s® logo at the end tips and the Levi’s® Housemark logo embedded in clear epoxy in the left temple. The gently bowed temple of acetate LS96073 lends the profile an air of intelligence, whether paired with a subtle translucent grey eye front, or seen in bold woodgrain against a matte tortoiseshell front.

LVC+Opt+(June+2013)+-+ENG_split1-7LS96074 C02 BLK

The addition of a classic carved bridge in LS96074 makes an eye-catching feature with true vintage appeal in gold-accented tortoiseshell, while a sleek black option accented with silver updates the look with a thoroughly modern gradient eye front.

LVC+Opt+(June+2013)+-+ENG_split1-8LS94002 C02 BLK

Today fashion straddles the line between a love of thick lines and bold angles, and the return of sleek and slender curves, two trends that merge in the avant-garde look of these lends. The unique hybrid LS94002 brings together a thick acetate upper eye front with thin metal eye-rims, highlighted by thick temples with delicate metal bar and stud accents for a look that’s classic rock & roll in black, yet trendy and contemporary in tortoiseshell.

LVC+Opt+(June+2013)+-+ENG_split1-9LS96070 C03 BRN

It bears a stark contrast to acetate LS96070, whose slender vintage keyhole eyefront is accented by custom metal hinges wrapping seamlessly into round ultra-thin metal temples in a sleek design balanced by large acetate endtips, for a look that’s both classic and cutting-edge in cool modern black and trendy vintage tortoiseshell.

In the evolution of style, the true trendsetters are those who bring forward the best of the past and transform it into the promise of the future. For these unique individuals, the hallmark of style is character and quality, characteristics epitomised by Levi’s® distinctive new collection.

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