Lozza Reinterprets Its Roots

With the new SL4112M model by Lozza, the brand reinvents itself

Lozza SL4112M

Inspired by Italian style and craftsmanship, the Lozza SS 16 Collection is definitely a catch this summer. For the 2016 sunglasses collection, Lozza reinvents itself and present its heritage in new and original ways. Exquisite materials and painstaking attention to detail reveal the care and passion that have been the hallmarks of this contemporary classic brand since 1878.

The leitmotif of the entire 2016 sunglass collection is a brand new decoration featuring five horizontal lines. On newer models, the brand’s logo is symbolically replaced by this simple yet refined linear design forming an iconic element that adorns temples and front pieces in quintessential Lozza style. One of the flagship models, SL4112M has detailed work and a blend of modern and vintage elements.

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