Trendy Round Glasses By PaperStyle

The round glasses are now back in trend with a retro-glam mood


PaperStyle is synonymous with trendy glasses and is rich in style accessories made ​​from renewable raw materials. Its new concept brings back the round glasses. These particularly distinctive glasses are suspended between the past and the future. With clean and sober line, they play with one of the basic shape of geometry – circle.

The round glasses that have been loved and hated over time are now back in trend and this time with a fresh retro-glam mood. The new round glasses by PaperStyle is called Föia. The term Föia comes from Ladin and means leaf.

The Ladin language is still an everyday spoken language for approximately 30,000 people today. It developed from Vulgar Latin and is widespread in Northern Italy’s Dolomite valleys.

Föia is available as sunglasses or prescription glasses. These very cool and trendy eyewear is ideal for those who want to be a trendsetter. The result of an intense development process created a light and comfortable, sturdy, foldable and durable glasses.

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