Mad In Italy, New Capsule Collection Inspired By Futurism

The glasses of the third millennium are coming. Dynamic design with magical forms and contrasting colours

porroCreate the illusion of movement and dynamism through extravagant combinations of forms and contrasting colours: this is the challenge that led to the birth of the new Mad in Italy┬áCapsule Collection. The 100% Italian eyeglass brand has drawn inspiration in 2016 from the concepts of Futurism, the artistic movement that exalts dynamism as an expression of vitality and lays the basis for visionary experimentation projected towards modernity. Mad in Italy has adopted this creative philosophy, adapting it to its own purposes – producing the glasses of the third millennium.

verzaDark blue, light blue, green, orange, purple and grey are the colours that alternate with black in the nylon front face, giving the bicolour frames a dynamic appearance. This effect is also heightened by the texture of the surfaces.┬áThe black portions are opaque, while the coloured segments are glossy and mirrored. This revisitation of colour as an integral part of form gives life to a visual interplay that is different for each of the six models in the collection, with varied forms of the front faces such as the design created by alternating colours. The models of the new Capsule Collection draw on aspects of the ‘best sellers’ of the Mad in Italy Up collection, taking their original names from the plant world: Orzo, Porro, Rucola, Sedano, Verza and Zucca.

Thanks to the colours, the use of lines and the contrast between opaque and mirrored surfaces, the glasses make your face more dynamic, preserving simplicity while avoiding a heavy look. Completing the lively optical effect is the no-slip tip on the temples, made in rubber with colours matching the frame.

zuccaWith this new line, Mad in Italy confirms its interest in innovation, the result of constant technical experimentation and the search for cutting edge materials. The extreme lightness obtained ensures the fundamental practicality of a daily accessory. The characteristic that distinguishes Mad in Italy is the desire to reconcile comfort with sophisticated design, that for everyone, like the brand’s payoff states, must express the madness of being oneself.

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