Mykita Mylon: Refined Steampunk Aesthetic

The Mykita Mylon collection welcomes two new styles: Jiro & Levante


Mykita Mylon blurs the border between fashion and sports. State-of-the-art design coupled with a material that boasts individual adjustability, low weight and extreme durability make these spectacles both an outstanding sporting companion and a perfect everyday accessory.

The newest styles for the Mykita Mylon collection are the Jiro & Levante sunglasses. Perfectly round complete with protective side-shields, Jiro was inspired by classic welding goggles – enhanced sun protection in a refined steampunk aesthetic. Mykita Mylon sunglasses all come with super flat lenses by Zeiss that create a strong, graphic look.


Expansive model Levante makes the most out of these flat lenses with an angle-edged frame front that creates the illusion of paper-thin glasses. Both frames come with the new Mykita hinge system featuring a carbon fibre spring – likely the smallest functional carbon fibre part in existence.


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