Maui Jim Debuts Limited-Edition Wearable Art Sunglasses

The ultra-luxury sunglasses collection is named ‘You Move Me’ and features the work of famous Hawaiian artist, Charlie Lyon

Maui Jim 277-53Q sunglass
Maui Jim 277-53Q sunglass

Something exquisite happens when you combine art with excellence. In the case of Maui Jim’s first ultra-luxury sunglasses collection, titled You Move Me, colourful interpretations of Hawaiian flora and fauna are brought to life by internationally renowned Hawaiian artist, Charlie Lyon. Lyon’s work was transferred on limited-edition pairs of sunglasses that let you see the world like you may have never seen.

Artwork for the collection is based on a vivid painting by Lyon that is evocative of the Maui Jim lifestyle. “The art was inspired by seeing my familiar Hawaiian environment through new eyes with a newfound level of clarity and vitality,” said Lyon. “In the painting, you see the swirling sea turtles that I spy under my surfboard in the deep-blue sea. I’ve added the butterflies that float outside my studio through the banana trees and tropical flowers. There are Plumeria flowers that fill my studio with a dreamy scent. The Hibiscus flops over my fence and surprises me with flashes of colour. That’s what moves me.”

The sunglasses are made more memorable because the elegantly inspired artwork is combined with Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2® lenses that have the ability to cut UV rays and glare while enhancing colour to produce clear, brilliant vision. The result is sunglasses that are literally a work of art.

Hawaiian artist Charlie Lyon’s work was transferred on the limited-edition pairs of sunglasses from Maui Jim
Hawaiian artist Charlie Lyon’s work was transferred on the limited-edition pairs of sunglasses from Maui Jim

“At Maui Jim, we work to create an experience,” said Richard Walker, Maui Jim’s Director of Product Development. “This collection harnesses the beauty of Hawaii in a collectible piece of wearable art that captures the spirit of the islands. These sunglasses are an example of our focus on unique, meticulous craftsmanship that merges with our proprietary lens technology, so that every moment you spend in your sunglasses is more memorable and brilliant.”

You Move Me Printed Acetate Frames

The You Move Me collection is anchored by two frame shapes – a rounded, oversized frame (Style #280) and a squared-off, slightly retro frame (Style #277).

Lyon’s painting was lovingly reproduced on the finest Italian silk to bring out the richness of the painting’s colours; then printed on acetate frames using ultra-high-quality printing techniques to bring out the fresh, true hues of the painting on deep navy, peacock or black backgrounds.

Made in the collection’s two shapes, the printed styles come in Silk Print with White Trim & Teal Interior with Neutral Grey lenses (Style #GS280-51), Navy with White Trim and Silk Print Interior with Maui Rose® lenses (Style #RS280-52) and Black with White Trim and Silk Print Interior with Neutral Grey lenses (Style #277-53).

Maui Jim’s MauiPure™ lenses can be found in every frame of the collection. One of the world’s clearest non-glass lenses, they also are ultra-light and scratch and impact resistant for long-wearing comfort.

Maui Jim 280-52 sunglass
Maui Jim 280-52 sunglass

Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2 lens technology has received the Seal of Recommendation from The Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV protectant because the technology cuts 99.9 per cent of glare and eliminates 100 per cent of UVA and UVB rays on both sides of each lens. The lenses are recognised as a safe and effective sun protection and are an important part of an effective defence programme against skin cancers of the eye and eyelids. Additionally, Maui Jim’s technology significantly boosts colour, definition and depth perception through the use of three rare earth elements. Style #277 features Maui Jim’s patented bi-gradient mirror system that is darker at the top and bottom of each lens, so the lenses ‘squint’ for the wearer. Style #280 features the company’s MauiGradient™ lenses that are darker at the top of the lens and gradually get lighter towards the bottom. The lenses use waterproof and oleophobic coatings to shed water and show and repel grease and smudges.

Each pair of You Move Me sunglasses comes with a custom case and cleaning cloth. Key measurements for Style #280 include an eye size of 60mm; the shortest distance between lenses is 15mm; temple length is 135mm; and the glasses have a 6-base curvature. Style 277 is for small to mid-size faces with an eye size of 52mm; the shortest distance between lenses is 20mm; temple length is 145mm; and the glasses have a 6-base curvature. They are available with MauiPassport® prescription lenses in ranges from +3.00 to -6.50.


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