Rye&Lye's New Eyewear Collection Combines Technology And Craftsmanship

The new collection features seven styles made with wood, titanium, glittered acetate and Swarovski elements 


Rye&Lye is back with a skilfully crafted collection that makes use of fine materials that are processed using leading-edge technologies. The new collection claims to be potentially even richer and more precious than ever. Seven styles showcase attention to the smallest details as well as technical and style features found in veritable eyewear masterpieces.

Dedicating special care to the finest details, the Rye&Lye styles combine materials research with refined detailing: great attention goes into studying and choosing every single element.

Wood and pure titanium dominate the scene, teamed with a glitter acetate and a frame made with Swarovski elements.

A minimal look is combined with unique details for Donatello and Modigliani, two men’s frames in 100 per cent pure titanium.  Not only is this material non-toxic and non-allergenic, it is also incredibly lightweight and flexible while proving to be extremely strong and solid. Specially-designed laser cutting makes for extremely flexible sidepieces, while the use of a very wide profile inside the front can accommodate lenses for the very short-sighted.

Giorgione, Tiepolo and Tintoretto interpret wood – a precious, warm material that is alive – and that gives the eyes an extra touch of personality. Each style is a combination of metal and solid wood – used for the front or brow piece – which comes in three clean, linear shapes. While seemingly simple, this eyewear conceals a technological marvel developed by the creative team at Immagine98 that makes for easy lens mounting. This rim lock device releases and locks the lenses which are no longer pressure-mounted, thus eliminating any risk of breaking the lens or damaging the frames.


The glittered acetate used for Masaccio makes for a refined aesthetic effect: the metal arm is decorated with leather stitching done by hand. Adjustable end-pieces and three colour variations are the qualities found in this women’s frame.

Canova is available as a limited edition of 600 pieces and uses Swarovski elements on an all-new shape for the collection. It’s a sophisticated frame made precious with a special Swarovski mesh – which has been applied on the front and arms – adding a touch of light to the eyes.

A set of special marketing tools have been developed for opticians to help them present the collection for sale. The display boards describe each frame in pictures. Hands are the main feature of each picture, representing the craftsmanship that goes into making the eyewear as well as the tactile feeling that comes from touching and ‘feeling’ every frame down to the finest detail. The new countertop and store window display unit is perfectly in sync with this expressivity: a wood hand to hold the frame on show.


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