'Natural Age' Collection By Okia

Nature inspired patterns formed the latest ‘Natural Age’ collection of eyewear by Okia

Natural-Age-1Sea, sky and clouds, the natural world with its wonderful details and unique colours, is the source of inspiration for the new ‘Natural Age’ collection developed by OKIA.

The beauty of different natural environment reigns supreme in this collection, entirely realised by means of the patented HDA® Technology. And the shades of white, blue, violet and grey are exhibited on the frames’ temples evoking the gentle fluctuation of waves in the sea and clouds. Owing to the application of a double layer of HDA® Acetate, patterns show an incredible 3D effect as well as sensational gradients colours, for an extremely realistic result.Natural-Age-5

“There is nothing simpler and more amazing than letting oneself be charmed and inspired by the beauty of nature around us”, comments the OKIA design team. “When it comes to OKIA, nature meets fashion and high technology in order to create state-of-the-art products for a contemporary and distinctive look, just like Natural Age”.


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