Scavin Launches Exclusive ‘Bikers’ Sunglasses

Scavin launches exclusive ‘Bikers’ range of sunglasses, combining care with style

S932-DAScavin has launched new ‘bikers’ collection of sunglasses. A quality pair of sunglasses is the primary concern of any biker and this range is a combination of high- performance and style.

The ‘bikers’ range of sunglasses offers all the features a biker might require. It comes with polarisation and anti glare properties. This helps to avoid glare from reflective surfaces. This is a safety feature while riding. Sunglasses are not just a need today but a style statement too. During biking, eyes need protection from not only sun rays but also dust, wind, reflections that hinder one’s vision, and so the frame is broad and long to cover the eyes from sides as well. The fit of the frames is comfortable and goes along one’s forehead pretty well. The array showcases eye gears in blue, black, grey, brown, purple and yellow shade options.S900-BLKWHT

Scavin is the flagship eyewear range of Scavin International who are also known for their range of the popular Killer Jeans Eyewear and Lee Cooper eyewear brands. “We have designed this collection keeping in mind needs of a biker. How a biker rides at a speed facing hindrances like dust, wind, sudden reflection. These sunglasses offer complete solution to a biker’s demand, of course, with sporty look. We have unveiled this range at an affordable price. We are very positive about this wholesome package,” said Nitin Grover- Director, Scavin.




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