The Black Edition Collection By Enni Marco

Enni Marco introduced its Black Edition collection that blends creativity with the superior sense in fashion

Elegance and high quality characterize all the brand’s lines, but are emphasized even more for this collection that flaunts Paolo Biotti Natoli, Italian martial arts star, member of the ancient noble Natoli family from 850 AD, and today successful entrepreneur, as the face of the line.

The Enni Marco Black Edition line is designed for those who do not want to settle and search for excellence everywhere, even in the accessories they wear.

Here is a look at some of the models included in this collection:

IV 42-008. Designed for a powerful man, of strong character, whose gaze is always set on the future. The use of IV42-008carbon fiber guarantees unbeatable lightness and a bold style, further enriched by contrasting blue hardware. This color combination is also found inside the arms.

IV 42-005. A refined model of timeless elegance. Tradition and innovation meet thanks to the perfect mix between Iv42-005carbon fiber and the lens in brushed bronze. The arms, skillfully crafted, are finished with the Enni Marco initials tone-on-tone.

IV42-004IV 42-004. The strength of titanium meets the effortlessness of acetate, yielding the perfect mix for everyday wear. Thanks to the elegance of the color chosen for the arms, this model will enrich any look, from casual to elegant.

IV 42-003. Extreme elegance in this total black titanium and acetate model that highlights the eyes with a touch of gold. Utmost attention to detail is apparent in the golden details at the hinges and IV42-003in the Enni Marco initials on the arms.

IS 11-300. Designed for those who search for elegance with a nod to fashion. One smooth motion is all that’s needed to put on this model with bridged lenses that will give character and a bold touch to your look.

IV41-006IV 41-006. The eyes are framed and enhanced with this model, designed for those who do not want to go unnoticed, for those who pay attention to every single detail of their style. It is the finishing touches that make these frames unique, thanks to the gold Enni Marco initials found on the arms.

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