Scavin: New Shades For The New Season!

The latest collection of Scavin eyewear is unconventional, uncontemporary and unique

Scavin’s latest collection glitters! It combines diligent craftsmanship with new technologies and whose quintessence is its comfortableness. A constant search for innovation, the visionary use of materials and a wealth of experience in eyewear design are the defining elements of this range.


Extreme durability and diligent craftsmanship are the attractive attributes in this collection, including a high degree of resistance and flexibility. The various shades of colours also make it easier for one to pick their favourite!

The range is a combination of high-performance, style and is made up of sustainable material. Sunglasses are not just a need today but a style statement too.  The most distinctive feature about the new sustainable eyewear range is optical clarity and flexibility.


The models are extremely flexible as compared to polycarbonate lenses and at the same time, they are innocuous to the environment. Sunglasses are more of a necessity in summers to protect one’s eyes. The lenses are 100% UV protected saving your eyes from the harsh sun rays.


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