Seraphin: Sunglasses That Scream Luxury!

Seraphin is out with its latest sunglass models and they are luxuriously chic. Welcome, this 2018 with Rosemary and Scarborough! 

Seraphin, Ogi Eyewear’s brand of affordable luxury eyewear inspired by neoclassic notions and timeless design, has released a new collection of elegant suns this winter lead by the Rosemary Sun and the Scarborough Sun. Showcasing innovative, fashion-forward flair, the suns present the nuanced detail that’s a trademark of the Seraphin line. Styles demonstrate a fine attention to detail ranging from intricate design in translucent tones to an exquisite chain brow in a classic cat-eye shape.

Rosemary Sun

The Rosemary Sun displays coalescing curves that create an uplifting cat-eye shape. Get lost in the nuanced temple and exquisite light hues in this beautiful sun. This attractive sunglass has the capability to please ones’ face while making a bold statement with frosted matte designs on glossy translucent acetate.


Scarborough Sun

Independent and sophisticated, the Scarborough Sun reaches the pinnacle of style. Available in tortoise and black, this strong cat-eye features an embedded chain brow and a notched peak which adds visual interest. The impeccable detail, signature to the Seraphin brand, place it in a league of its own.



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