Swarovski Introduces Spring-Summer 2015 Eyewear Collection

The new eyewear collection is designed for the modern woman and distinguished by the use of precious and sparkling inserts

The new Swarovski Spring-Summer 2015 eyewear collection presents exclusive sunglasses and optical frames defined by polished and captivating designs and enlivened by precious and sparkling inserts. Refined manufacturing, selected high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail characterise the feminine and contemporary styles, designed for the modern woman who wants to stand out with elegance and charm.

The renowned jewellery collections, which identify the Maison in the world, inspire the models and are transposed in the eyewear universe through innovative and elegant design solutions. Unique statement accessories are brought to life with the embellishments of prestigious crystals for a fashion touch of brilliance.

Sunglasses Collection:


The Ellen (SK0076) style stands out for its brilliant and glamorous, gently round-shaped silhouette. The front is enhanced by an elegant galuchat pattern that adorns the upper part and extends to the middle of the temples, where the prestigious Swarovski logo appears. A fine metal profiling defines the exclusive design and embraces the lenses, highlighting and illuminating the look, for a result of seductive femininity.


Essential design and an easy-to-wear shape define the Edith (SK0077) cat eye sunglasses, crafted in fine acetate. The individuality of this timeless style lies in the elegant decorum showcased on the sides of the front and part of the temples: prestigious baguette crystals arranged in a row, create a bright, graphic pattern that immediately reflects the world of Swarovski.


Elizabeth (SK0085) stands out with its wide, slightly squared silhouette. The minimal-chic front contrasts refined and molded temples, embellished with sparkling micro-crystals arranged in an alternating pattern. A sophisticated and fashion accessory for women who like to be distinguished for their style and modernity.


The exclusive Eileen (SK0087) reinterprets the aesthetic codes of the Maison with an innovative and contemporary twist. The frame front’s seductive cat eye silhouette is accentuated by a cascade of sparkling crystals linearly arranged to create a bright, geometric pattern. A metal plate echoes the motif on the temples, where the prestigious logo stands out.


Femininity and elegance define the wide, square-shaped acetate design of Eleven (SK0088). Exclusive finishes, such as internal profiles in contrasting hues and shiny crystals applied onto a metal insert on the temples, animate the whole design, giving a sophisticated and refined appeal to the sunglasses.


Eye-catching details and bold volumes define the trendy acetate frame Elena (SK0091). The dramatic cat eye shape is highlighted by a shiny metal wire, applied along the upper profile of the front. The temples feature bright and glamorous inserts, such as a brilliant row of baguette crystals and the elegant logo of the brand.


Electra (SK0093) reinterprets the traditional aviator silhouette in a feminine and romantic way. The front defined by the iconic double-bridge is well paired with sleek metal temples, featuring shiny floral-themed ornaments made of coloured micro-crystals. The result is a modern and functional frame, lit up by the precious and stylish Swarovski touch.


The exclusive Couture Edition 2015 (SK0094) creation is a true work of jewellery, born from the perfect combination of the best craftsmanship, a meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality of the selected materials. The wide and seductive gently-squared silhouette is laterally embraced by a sparkling cascade of polished crystals coming in different shapes and colours. A prestigious celebration of light marks the unique appearance of this statement accessory, which draws the attention and conquers the hearts of the most demanding women.

Eyeglasses Collection:


Femininity and elegance highlight Emma (SK5114), a round-shaped optical frame. The refined acetate structure, also available in mélange-effected versions, is embellished on the temples by a sparkling pavé of crystals, which lights up the look with sophistication.


The modern Erica (SK5115) style stands out for its easy-to-wear shape and polished minimalist appeal. The discreet but precious geometric decoration on the temples draws inspiration from the Swarovski jewellery collections and marks a constant reference to the stylistic identity of the brand. The contemporary and functional allure defines this unique accessory, destined to become a timeless keepsake.


Stylish and glamorous accents enliven the wide, square-shaped Elina (SK5117) style, crafted in fine acetate. The temples glow through the inclusion of a prestigious crystal pavé, for a result of absolute exclusivity. Ever (SK5119) astonishes thanks to its romantic style and vintage accents, highlighted by the ornamental details on the temples. Polished and coloured crystals, defined by the elegant marquise-cut and its distinctive elongated shape, compose delicate floral-themed applications that light up the whole proposal.


Essential lines and timeless allure distinguish Ellie (SK5121), a wide and feminine square-shaped optical frame. The refined intersection of micro-crystals that embellish the temples enhance the acetate structure for a sophisticated and fashionable result, ideal for the consumers who want to stand out with modern elegance and charm.


Elyse (SK5124) is distinguished by its sleek and sophisticated design. The lightweight rimless frame is animated by prestigious details such as the shiny metallic bridge and the sparkling temples, adorned with precious micro-crystals arranged in a row and a delicate cross-themed décor that accentuates the brightness of the style.


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