The WooDone Collection: Wood Meets New Sophisticated Materials

Woodone, the South Tyrolean brand of wood eyewear that draws inspiration from the magnificent Dolomite mountain scenery, introduces three new lines

Wood, the undeniable star and core essence of the brand, makes way for other materials, like horn, metal and crystals, thus spawning innovative combinations that showcase the masterful craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into the frames.
Going live are the Horn Collection, with 8 styles in horn, available in two different color variations; the Metalwood Collection, where wood and metal marry to produce two truly unique frame styles; and the Swarovski Collection (created in partnership with the renowned crystal brand), a nod to the woman whose taste runs to the elegant and sophisticated, even in her choice of accessories.
The new Woodone 2017 collection stays true to its identity while expanding its product line with the adept use of materials in combination with wood, the brand’s natural, iconic element.


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