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Emilio Pucci is all about free-flowing and sensual. Driven by the desire to liberate women, the brand inspires freedom with each design of clothing, eyewear and a lot more…

Do you think you’re hard to be impressed? Italian passion and eccentricity have intertwined in a worldwide recognizable name Emilio Pucci, the brand that’ll strike your imagination with its boldness and independence. Its founder, Don Emilio Pucci, Marchese di Barsento, got inspired by Florentine art and Tuscan originality, and passed on his admiration and experience to his noble brand, making it aristocratic and subtle at the same time.

Emilio Pucci

Da Vinci Of Our Time

Born during the outbreak of two great wars and being a gifted sportsman, a talented artist and even a military pilot, Pucci made a huge contribution to the fashion world by becoming a true marquis of prints. Trying to make the best for people, he started his fashion career by creating an adorable ski suit that was noticed in 1947 by an editor of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Afterwards Pucci created some winter clothes for the American brand Tom & Lloyd with a huge success in New York, so much so  that,  none dared doubt one certain thing: the man was ingenious.

Florentine atmosphere made him a Da Vinci of his generation. Being a true man of Renaissance in the XX century, Pucci was far ahead of his time. The real acknowledgement of this fact occurred to us much later. Back then, in 1949, when Emilio opened his first boutique on Capri Island, everyone admired his innovation called Sicilian Capri collection but nobody had anticipated that this collection  would be setting fashion trends for 68 years since its first appearance in public.

In 1951 it was clear that Emilio Pucci Fashion House that mainly dealt with creating bright clothes and eye-catching patterns that were completely new and refreshing in fashion, was giving  second wind to the Italian fashion world that was severely damaged after the World War.

The first haute couture collection Fantasiosa was released in 1962-1963, and was characterised  by its riot of colours and prints and was devoted to Jacqueline Kennedy, who personified true femininity of those times. The secret of Pucci’s success was hidden in the fabric, which was of highest quality that were not only a delight to eyes but also didn’t wear out and weren’t easily crumpled. This still remains an underlying principle of Pucci’s products.

Emilio Pucci, EP0058

After Emilio Pucci’s death in 1992, his younger daughter Laudomia began to run the family business but after 8 years sold the label to Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, the conglomerate that owns the most successful fashion houses in the world. In 2008 Peter Dundas was chosen to be the creative director of Pucci’s label. The experienced open-minded designer is sure to continue Emilio Pucci’s noble work, giving the world an opportunity to enjoy the best prints in clothes the humanity could ever imagine. So far there have been more than 20000 prints in Emilio Pucci’s archive and therefore it has opened around 50 shops all over the world.

Cosmic Popularity

Furthermore, the brand decided not to rest on his laurels, launching ranges of excellent products. Having designed the uniforms for Braniff International Airways in 1965 and been the first designer house which specially designed the flag that was delivered to the moon by the Apollo 15, the brand managed to create not only fashion clothes, but also refined lingerie, tempting perfume lines and irresistible eyewear. No wonder the brand is so popular around celebrities: how can it not be if it is known even in space?

Thus, known for her eccentric style, Lady Gaga is one of the most devoted famous fashion admirers of Pucci. She has been spotted a lot wearing catchy vintage sunglasses designed by Pucci, even in the clip of her song “Paparazzi”. This accessory seems to be inevitable in her style and makes her look gorgeous and a bit mysterious at the same time. Square lenses and a golden stripe above them are a perfect eyewear combination for this bright singer because they only make her shine brighter.

Leighton Meester in Emilio Pucci
Emilio Pucci, EP5053

Leighton Meester has also been spotted wearing Emilio Pucci eyewear more than once. Feminine model Emilio Pucci EP605S Sunglasses, chosen by Leighton, literally reflects the beauty inside and outside. An oversized round frame flawlessly suits Meester’s facial features and the hidden printing on the inside of the frame adds a bit of charm to the eyewear.

Oprah Winfrey and Sophia Bush, both American celebrities known for their spotless taste in fashion, have recently chosen Emilio Pucci 104S Sunglasses, therefore having proved that Pucci’s eyewear is suitable for everyone who worships fashion. Shiny square golden lenses combined with an extravagant geometric pattern on the sides managed to become a zestful accessory in the wardrobes of these celebrities.

Mandy Moore, a star of “A Walk to Remember” who always seemed to be outwardly restrained and modest, decided to get emancipated by wearing Emilio Pucci EP 606 Sunglasses. This sexy eyewear with a hidden abstract print on the sides and large dark lenses accentuates Mandy’s natural beauty and makes her look even more attractive.  

Florentine carnival of colours

Emilio Pucci, EP5056

There is a certain reason why this eyewear brand is so appealing. It is concealed in the Florentine roots of the brand which depict Italian Renaissance,  the Florentine thirst for novelty and a restless search for free spirited feeling that was a special trait of Emilio Pucci, the founder himself. Each and every eyewear model of this brand represents these three features. See it yourself:

EP106 Sunglasses can’t be mixed with any other model thanks to its cut-out rings on the eyewear sides. Even though there is no stunning prints that became a calling card of Pucci, these rings combined with gradient lenses make these spectacles worth paying attention to, due to their smooth and gradual flow of colours. Thanks to the designer’s idea, this eyewear suits both casual and holiday outfit.

Emilio Pucci, EP0049

EP0046 54E, presented in different pastel shades, is another proof of the statement that Pucci isn’t afraid of bold decisions. Round multicoloured lenses is combined with a frame that seems to be both light and heavy at the same time because of its thick black line that circumscribes a circle of the lenses and an airy printing note above. The eyewear is certainly a hit for those who want to attract attention and make an eye-catching statement.

Another representative of Pucci’s unique outlook on life is EP0007 Fantasy Metal Shield Sunglasses, a model that will make you look like an eastern princess and a pop diva, all in one. This futuristic eyewear will draw attention to your face, your hairstyle and your outfit in general and will emphasize the best features.  A multicolour top bar with different patterns is the best feature of this unbelievably chic eyewear.

EP25 Fantasy Acetate Frame Women’s Sunglasses is that very model that represents the whole philosophy of the brand. Bright colours, unusual patterns and premium quality  – there is nothing more to be desired. Moreover, it looks brilliant indeed. It might remind you of tarantella, a traditional Italian dance: it is bright, emotional and raises your mood as well. Its cat eye frame is amazingly attractive and so is its simplicity : everyone will fancy this model for sure.

If you want to add some luster to your everyday style, EP5053 will totally come in handy. Its marvelous design  in a luxurious frame pattern and cat eye lenses will make you buoyant  even after a hard working day. You will feel inspired with positive emotions every time you look in the mirror.


1914 – Emilio Pucci, the founder of the brand, was born in Italy, Florence

1947 – Designing a ski costume, his first step into the world of great fashion

1949 – Sicilian Capri collection

1951 – Emilio Pucci label was found

1963 – The first haute couture collection Fantasiosa

1992 – Death of Emilio Pucci

2000 – Emilio Pucci enterprise was sold to Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy

2008 – the current creative director, Peter Dundas, began to work for Pucci


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