X-IDE At Silmo 2013

Energy and personality for a world full of colour

Capturing true style at first glance, from small details the new X-IDE collection was conceived, dedicated to those who want to express their unique personality. 

lowres-xide-silmo-rear-c1The new Silmo 2013 collections are the quintessence of X-IDE with all the hallmarks, such as silica, resin, or nylon stitching are used to create new frames and vibrant colours combined with strong impact. X-IDE is recognised at first glance thanks to these details becoming its signature.X-IDE continues to impress in technical research and with work performed by skilled craftsmen who perpetuate the tradition of ‘Made in Italy’.

The silicon temples, presented with a huge success in Mido, is now on two new models, Shifters and Spokes, the first with a metal front and the other with painted acetate in a soft rubberised effect.The silicon is hypoallergenic and breathable and can easily be twisted to create fun colour combinations.

lowres-xide-silmo-stem-c1Shades of contrast also in the model Rear, where the application of special acetate sheets over a steel frame produce an unusual visual effect giving the impression of a plastic frame, while it is in light metal instead.

The detailed study of chromatic colour gave life to the Stem model, originally a limited edition. Through a special photographic image is transferred to the frame creating the Scottish Tartan Check. Transparent resin that covers the glasses and adds a spark of originality emphasizing the pattern of the fabric. The sunglasses also have wonderfully lowres-xide-silmo-rear-c4colourful lenses.

 Some of the previous best sellers like ‘Factory and Urban’ are in the new collection with new mirrored lenses and tri-layer acetate to create and define the X-IDE collection like a rainbow.

 X-IDE frames are produced by Immagine 98


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