Maui Jim’s festival treat: Two chic unisex sunglasses in ‘Bamboo Forest’ and ‘Mavericks’

The annual October festival season that not only brings a burst of celebrations but also marks the ushering in of the winter season is also bringing with it a new style statement.

What with sunglass maker Maui Jim’s introducing two uber chic and ultra stylish products this month.

Maui Jim’s latest offerings ‘Bamboo Forest’ and ‘Mavericks’ are a perfect cut for the festival season and are sure to increase your happiness quotient. Equipped with the best of Maui Jim’s technology, the two latest offerings from the sunglass maker come as a blast of fresh air to a summer weary user.    Bamboo Forest and Mavericks is priced at Rs. 10,710 and Rs. 15, 330 respectively.

lowres-mauijim-Mavericks-Gold-with-HCL-Bronze-MauiGradient-lens-HS264-16Bamboo Forest is the combination of MauiPure lenses, full frame flexibility and super light frame that wear like ‘Pure Air’. These sunglasses area available in the lightest lens material which is ideal wear for everyday and also resistant to scratches and apart from the general wear this elegant sunglass provides eye protection during driving and sporting as well.

Chic and ultra stylish, Bamboo Forest eliminates 90%of glare and blocks 100% of UV rays. These sunglasses patented multi-layer design and lens treatment to maximize color transmission and enhance visible colour. The unisex appeal sunglasses compliments oval and heart/ triangle shaped faces with modified rectangle shape.

This style comes in Gloss Black Fade with Neutral Grey lenses for bright sunny days. For variable light conditions, Bamboo Forest comes in Rootbeer Fade with increase contrast on overcast days. For low light conditions where you want brighter vision, this style comes in Olive Fade with Maui HT™ lenses that are a light palm green color.

This appealing pair of sunglasses also has the ability to be clear and transparent and to be colored in transparent or opaque applications.

lowres-mauijim-PureAir-Bamboo-Forest-HT415-15FThis month, there are not one but two offerings from the stable of Maui Jim’s. Apart from Bamboo Forest, the new style on the shelves this month is Mavericks. The aviator style promises a colourful and clear vision to suit the needs of a post summer season when scorching has given way to clouds and a sun that is less intense.

A lightweight, pure titanium frame and a fashion forward MauiGradient lens treatment, Mavericks is a great choice for consumers demanding a durable, comfortable, high-performing sunglass.

The unique high transmission (HT) featured in Mavericks also gives clear visibility even in the low-light conditions during the rainy season.

The unisex aviator style is available in silver and gloss black metal frame with Neutral Grey Maui Evolution lenses and golden metal frame with HCL Bronze lens. Maui Evolution lens material is a fusion of the best properties of Maui Jim’s SuperThin glass and Polycarbonate lenses.

“Keeping in mind the spirit of the festive season, we are offering a bonanza for sunglass lovers with not one but two new styles. We now have the ability to produce a thin, yet tough, frame that is extremely lightweight and flexible and both our new styles come in super light frames and lenses that do not bog down by weight. As the weather changes, both Bamboo Forest and Mavericks bring a breath of fresh air to the sunglass category,” said Mr I Rahumathullah, Managing Director, Maui Jim India.

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