Young Athlete Sunglasses by Nike

Nike Vision Redefines Youth  Shades With Nike Young Athlete Sunglasses

Nike Vision announces a ground-breaking line of stylish youth shades featuring Carl Zeiss optics, an advanced lens technology developed specifically to protect young eyes from damaging sun rays. Reflective of Nike’s commitment to quality, the collection combines street worthy appeal and sun protection.

lowres-nike_ya_s14_soldier_champ_black_voltThe new Nike Young Athlete Suns premium assortment includes kid-sized versions of Nike Vision’s most popular adult styles. Fresh hues like Blue Hero, University Red, and Laser Purple are combined with stylish black, crystal grey and white on highly universal frames that complement faces of all shapes and sizes The versatile collection is designed for individual expression right down to gender specific plays on the Nike logo.

“Nike is a brand that provides inspiration to kids, and it’s a brand parents choose for their children, as well,” said Steve Tripi, marketing director for Marchon Eyewear. “If you give kids the style, comfort and brand they want, it’ll increase the chance of them wearing their sunglasses.”

Advanced Optic Technology

Though made primarily for after sport use, Nike Young Athlete Suns feature all the same essential performance attributes Nike adult frames have, including safety U-bevel, polycarbonate lenses, 100% UV protection, Nike Max Optics and Carl Zeiss Lens Tints formulated for developing eyes.

According to recent research, children’s eyes are more at risk from light than adults. “Youthful eyes are still developing,” said Tripi. “That means the chance of cellular damage is increased during this vulnerable stage. We need to make sure we’re protecting our kids eyes in the same way we protect their skin by applying sunblock.” This eye damage typically doesn’t surface until later in life. Nike’s Young athlete Suns with Carl Zeiss optics are specifically designed for maximum protection based on the spherical base and tint to block light while still providing crisp, clean vision.


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