A Brand New Family Of Finishing Products For The International Market: Perfecto

Coburn Technologies, a leading provider of innovative, end-to-end customer solutions to the world’s ophthalmic lens processing industries and eye care professionals, introduces Perfecto

The Perfecto family includes an edger, PE-4, tracer, FR-4 and blocker, BK-4, and is perfect for small to medium-sized labs and retail shops looking to meet the demands of lens finishing.

Coburn’s Sales Manager for Latin America, Pedro Parra, commented that “Perfecto builds a complete package with three different pieces of equipment, all manufactured to communicate and work seamlessly together.”

The Perfecto 3-dimensional lens edger, PE-4, is built with a premier “Digital Pattern Layout” tool for shape modification, as well as advanced 3-dimensional technology to help the eye care professionals easily finish their own lenses in-house. Other features of the PE-4 include:

  •  Automatic polishing of beveled, grooved, and flat-edged lenses
  • Automatic front and rear safety beveling
  • Four grinding wheels capable of processing all lens materials, including glass
  • The Perfecto automatic frame tracer, FR-4, is a versatile and efficient machine built with fast and adaptable 3-dimensional tracing for all frame materials. Other features of the FR-4 include:
  • Reading and digitally filtering capability for 16,000 points of shape data to ensure maximum accuracy
  • Left-Eye, Right-Eye, or Complete tracing modes
  • Data saving feature for up to 300 frames with available barcode recognition
  • The Perfecto smart lens blocker, BK-4, comes standard with a high-resolution, wide view LCD touch screen display and intuitive and well-arranged graphic icons. Other features of the BK-4 include:
  • Lens shape modification capability
  • Auto-balancing lens support and lens holder
  • Lens, frame or job storage through an SD card slot

    Ram Narayanan, Executive Director of International Sales for Coburn Technologies said, “With Perfecto, we can now work with our customers outside of the United States to develop their in-house finishing efforts, and in turn, help them offer more to their customers.”

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