Celebrating Technologies And Trends: SILMO, 2016

Demonstrating its attractiveness for everyone involved in the optics and eyewear industry, the latest SILMO exhibition welcomed 33,771 visitors including 56.5% from abroad and 43.5% from France, characterising a very positive business climate

When: 23rd to 26th September, 2016

Where: Paris, France

silmo-2016-post-eventThe world optical fair works as a platform to launch dozens of brands and collections, but also a place to explore innovations showcasing technologies and future trends.

  • Customisation trend: Irrespective of the actual product, customisation is the key consumption issue. In the optics sector, the MOF (Best Artisans in France) attending the exhibition demonstrated their virtuosity in working with horn and acetate, assisted by new technologies such as CAD vector drawing software.
  • The new Yuniku concept by HOYA VISION CARE goes even further, outsourcing the entire printing process to its partners: Materialise and Hoet design studio.
  • With the help of the optician, a scanner creates a 3D model of the wearer’s face and calculates their visual requirements with extreme precision then using a choice of frames (styles, colours and textures of materials) which are also 3D modelled, the software calculates the lens parameters based on the frame chosen, with an accuracy highlighting the inextricable links between all the various facets.
  • Low vision trend: Low vision is also at the forefront of research and development within the sector, with the development of remarkable equipment. Visiole, a specialist in Braille and low vision products for visually impaired people, has created GoVison, a voice-activated TV enlarger that is exceptionally ergonomic and easy to use. The OrCam My Eye device from Essilor consists of a pair of glasses fitted with a miniature camera and speaker, with integrated software that reads text to a visually impaired wearer and can recognise people, objects, banknotes, etc.silmo-2016
  • Digitalisation trend: SILMO, 2016 unveiled the experience store, an area dedicated to digital solutions that create a brand new customer experience, enhancing the cross-channel and now interactive client-optician relationship.
  • Creativity trend: Creative diversity is at the heart of the exhibition with an optical frame and sunglasses offering of over 1,200 brands, illustrating the sector’s vitality.
  • A trade fair that supports scientists and opticians: Silmo Academy asserted its value, attracting a total of 425 participants over the three days of discussions. Attendees enjoyed the presentations by guest speakers that provided them useful insights.

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