Coburn Technologies Announces New Express Logistics Center


Coburn Technologies announced the construction of its new Express Logistics Center, at their world headquarters in South Windsor, Connecticut USA.

This new facility will consolidate all of Coburn’s worldwide shipping efforts and will take the place of the current distribution warehouse operated out of Louisville, KY. As a result many Coburn customers should experience faster delivery times, improved on-time deliveries and in some cases, lower overall freight costs.

“There are a multitude of reasons we as a company decided to make the investment in this facility,” stated Dan Hobbs, Executive Director of Operations. “Increased control over items packed and shipped, quicker turn-around between receipt and shipment, eliminating the need to ship from multiple locations, and the ability to stage and consolidate large orders are just some of the ways we will be able to improve our customer’s order experience.”

Alex Incera, president of Coburn Technologies stated “Coburn remains passionate about the success of our customers. We feel that this investment is another way to show our commitment to being a leader in innovation, value and customer service.”

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