Coburn Technologies Introduces SGX Pro Generator

Coburn Technologies launches SGX Pro Generator, as a improved version of its predecessor, to simplify the process of manufacturing the lens

Coburn Technologies, a leader in providing innovative, end-to-end customer solutions to the world’s ophthalmic lens processing industry, has introduced and begun shipments of its latest generation surface generator, SGX PRO. The SGX Pro, is equipped with new electronics, operating on a Windows 7 platform.

Modernized with a touch screen interface and USB capabilities, this user friendly generator makes lens processing easier. Like its predecessor, SGX Plus, the SGX Pro generator delivers high performance, dry-cut milling technology for processing Trivex, CR39, Polycarbonate and High Index Lenses. The SGX Pro is the fourth generation of the SGX series of generators and is one of the most popular lens generators in the world. Known for its reliability and impressive performance, SGX Pro has one of the widest curve ranges on the market and has been proven to provide the same dependability and accuracy of earlier SGX models.

rsz_sgx_proConcurrently, Coburn has discontinued production of its SGX Plus generator at their world headquarters assembly plant. Coburn will continue to provide support and service to existing SGX Plus generators and, in addition, offer an SGX Pro Upgrade kit for users looking to update that equipment. Charlie Seidel, Director of Lab Works Group at Coburn Technologies, stated; “The SGX has always been a terrific compact generator and the latest model, SGX PRO, is even better. It makes lens processing simple and cost effective; perfect for the small wholesale or retail lab.“ Coburn Technologies is currently taking orders for the new SGX Pro system and customer shipments have already begun. The system was showcased at Vision Expo East in NYC in March and will be on display at Vision Expo West from September 16th-19th, 2015. Information is available from Coburn at 1-800-COBURN-1, or you may contact your Coburn sales representative for details.

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