ROLF Spectacles – Winner Good Design Award 2015

ROLF Spectacles’ Sapphire 92 design impresses the Good Design Award Jury as the leading brand bags the Good Design Award for 2015 in the category of Product Design: Fashion and Objects

ROLF Spectacles managed to prove fruitful with their Sapphire 92 of the Evolved Collection by bagging the Good Design Award 2015 under the category of Product Design: Fashion and Objects.

Sapphire 92 frame

ROLF Spectacles eyewear frame Sapphire 92 in bog oak-maple-bog oak represents a fine example of brand’s natural eyewear handcrafted in Tirol, Austria, perfecting the sheer elegance of this delicate yet noble frame. Sapphire 92 is styled to appeal the female spectacle wearer with an acquired taste. The form of the frame conveys the function and use of this product unambiguously and unmistakably. The design is based on classic cars, which undoubtedly is an interesting feature adding to the character of the product. Good Design Award 2015 managed by Good Design Australia, known to promote the very best in design, innovation and creativity at a national and international level.

Staying true to their roots, the design is like a timeless beauty representing the brand’s  trademark attribute of paying attention to the details in the finishing process. Sapphire 92, a part of the Evolved Collection combines finest natural materials, excellent design quality and high-quality processing with real craftsmanship.

Producing everything in-house in a basement of the Tyrolean mountains where it all began, ROLF Spectacles became from a small-run business in Austria to a recipient of the prestigious Good Design Award 2015 that is one of the longest standing platform in the world to promote excellence in design and innovation since 1958.

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ROLF Spectacles puts an emphasis on producing everything in-house in Tirol with loving attention to detail and real craftsmanship – from the eyewear frames and cases to the sample trays and all the way to the exhibition stands and displays.


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