Elements-Blue Light Protection Lenses

Essilor Launches ‘Elements’ – Blue Light Protection Lenses

Essilor launches ‘Elements’ a blue light protection lenses to protect eyes while using all such digital devices.

Modern technology has paved the way for multifunctional devices such as the smartwatch and the smartphone. It has helped us in every sphere of life. Technology has also made our lives simpler, quicker, safer and more enjoyable with all those revolutions. Today, our lifestyle has changed in many ways – the way we work, learn or interact with our loved ones.

Somewhere between long work-related calls to catching up on favourite shows online, the amount of time spent on digital devices has increased rapidly. With digital screens at work, home and school, there are more sources of blue light now than ever before.

A person spends an average of 11 hours a day on digital devices*.   *Source: Nielsen’s Total Audience Report

This collective increase in digital screen time has also led to an increase in exposure to harmful blue light from these digital devices. Continuous exposure to blue light may cause serious long-term damages to the eyes.

Understanding the need to protect one’s eyes from the harmful blue light, the Elements range of lenses was introduced. Elements lenses filter the blue light emitted from digital and natural sources to give protection to one’s eyes. Elements lenses offer UV protection, anti-reflection, smudge resistant and scratch-resistant features in addition to helping you to fight the long-term effects of prolonged blue light exposure.

Elements Features

Looking at kid’s active lifestyle, Essilor launched ‘Elements Kids’ that comes with impact resistance feature. The time spent by kids on the digital screen has increased exponentially. Therefore, these lenses offer blue light protection and protect the kid’s vision from damage from blue light.

Elements lens makes for an excellent complement to a customer’s digital lifestyle at an affordable price range. Especially the relevance of a blue light protection lens for a digitally conscious consumer is critical during these evolving times.


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