In Conversation: With Deepika Padukone during Vogue Eyewear shoot

Deepika Padukone is the new face for Vogue. Here she is in conversation with VisionPlus about eyewear, being ‘In Vogue’ and more..


VisionPlus : What does being ‘In Vogue’ mean to you?

Deepika : Being in Vogue is about being on the crest of fashion wave! It’s about enjoying Fashion for what it is: always changing, fun and about indulging in the latest trends.

VisionPlus : You’re the face of Vogue Eyewear! Tell us a little more about your association with the brand.

Deepika : Yes, it’s a privilege to be associated with Vogue eyewear. I relate to the brand as I like playing with my look, be it on or off screen, by mixing and matching various ‘in’ accessories and that’s what the brand stands for. Vogue eyewear enables me to have a different look completely with each piece: flirty, feminine, chic or even geeky smart like my various on screen characters.

VisionPlus : How does it feel to join the prestigious list of Vogue eyewear Divas  like Gisele, Kate Moss and Eva Mendes ? You are also the first Indian face of the brand.

Deepika : It’s not only an honor to join the prestigious list of Vogue eyewear Divas, but I am also privileged to be the first Indian face of the brand. To be a Vogue eyewear Diva signifies being a Fashion Icon whom the youth of today relate to and idolize.

Vogue-Eyewear-Deepika-021-as-Smart-Object-1VisionPlus : Sunglasses are a must have accessory for celebrities, on screen or off, why?

Deepika : Sunglasses are definitely one of the most vital accessories, something I can never step out without. Not only they add a lot of glamour to my on screen look but also protect my eyes from harmful rays and pollution on long outdoor shoots. Plus they are a great way to hide tired eyes after late nights!

VisionPlus : And what do Spectacles mean to you – function or style accessory?

Deepika : Spectacles are one of the easiest ways to smarten your look. It’s a great style accessory that instantly adds dimension to my face, character as well as personality. With so many colors and shapes to choose from like cat eyes, wayfarers, round and sleek ovals, I can achieve a period look.  Wearing spectacles with reflective a lens helps me preserve the health and beauty of my eyes while I work on my iPad.

VisionPlus : Which are your favorite pieces from the new collection of Vogue eyewear, and why?

Deepika : The latest collection from Vogue eyewear consists of hyper glamorous oversized sunglasses that are available in Nature inspired colors and metallic decors, perfect for summer. Another one of my favorites is an eye catching, butterfly shaped sunglass that is unique to Vogue eyewear. In frames, the application of rhinestone twist décor on classic rectangular frames makes them a must have piece in your wardrobe.

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