MEI: A Company That Has Revolutionised The Edging Process For Ophthalmic Lenses

Established in 1985 by Stefano Sonzogni and Raffaele Scudeletti, MEI has consistently focused on developing high-quality CNC machines

Mei building
The MEI building

In the 1990s, the company made its debut in the optical industry with the launch of Sphera, a milling edger for sunglass lenses.

Then, in early 2000, MEI revolutionised the optical market by being the first to propose ophthalmic lens edging through milling. MEI launched a new technology which, unlike the more common grinding process, made it possible to significantly increase not only the flexibility of the machine (shapes and edge bevels impossible to carry out with the old-fashioned grinders) but also productivity. And that is not all: edging can be done on lenses made of any kind of organic material, faster and with greater stability during processing than by grinding. This new process makes it possible to cut any type of lens into complex shapes, with amazing results.

MonoSpheraRX-DD is the name of the first ophthalmic lens edging machine launched by MEI. This and other innovative edging machines designed for high-volume systems catapult MEI into the US market where the large industrial labs require automation and centralisation in order to contain production costs.

In 2008, the MEI 641 made its debut. This product offers the same functions as the automated edgers, but with the added benefits of lower cost and a significantly smaller footprint — perfect for the small and medium-sized labs in operation in North America and Europe, as well as in South America and Asia.


The official debut of the EzFit model occurs in 2014. This compact machine allows MEI, for the very first time, to bring edging technology right into the optician’s shop.

Today, MEI machines are at work in the industrial labs of the leading lens manufacturers around the world — including names such as Carl Zeiss, Essilor, Hoya, Luxottica and Shamir – and in the lens assembly labs of the top optical chains, like Specsavers, Grand Vision, Apollo, Vision Express, Fielmann, Cosco Optical and Wal-Mart, to mention just a few.

In addition to its headquarters and manufacturing centre in Valbrembo, in the Bergamo area of Italy, MEI has branches that specialise in technical and sales support in Chicago, Hong Kong and São Paulo.

MEI’s mission is to create innovative solutions that will allow labs, lens and frame manufacturers to increase their flexibility and productivity, simplify processing and reduce production costs. Over the years, the company has become known for the high quality and reliability which set its products apart and have allowed it to forge a broad and loyal customer base. The durability of MEI machines substantially reduces the need for assistance but providing expert support when needed, is another important key strength of the company.

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