Adlens® Presents Sundials At VEE 2014

Adlens®, the global leader in variable focus eye-wear, has just exhibited at VEE, the international fashion and medical eye care event that takes place in New York

Sundials Blue Pop
Sundials Blue Pop

On the occasion of this important appointment Adlens has officially presented its new product, Adlens Sundials™. Adlens Sundials are built on the same Alvarez lens technology as the multi award winning Adlens® Adjustables™. Each lens is comprised of two wave-shaped plates that can glide across one another altering the power of each lens. The instantly adjustable sun wear, featuring stylish dark lenses with UVA/UVB protection, can correct over 90 per cent of spherical errors (lens power -6 to +3,5 dioptres).

Sundials Black
Sundials Black

The four styles available include an all-black frame or black with temples available in three sunny pop colours: pink, green and blue. They have been designed for people who do not usually buy optical sunglasses and they can be used in various types of
situations during outdoor activities or on holiday.

Adlens Sundials are the ideal product for active people who require a dynamic product to suit their lifestyle. They represent an exclusive adjustable sun wear product, increasing the existing range of Adlens® variable focus eye-wear and creating new and interesting opportunities for Adlens to grow into new markets.

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