OrCam : Giving Visually Impaired A Way To Read

OrCam is a ‘smart’ camera mounted on the frames of the eyewear, which ‘sees’ text, recognizes objects and ‘whispers’ in the users’ ear, thereby aiding the vision of visually impaired people

orcam-device-for-the-visually-impairedThe OrCam device enables the user to read books or newspapers, verify money note denominations, and even identify which product or item the user is pointing at.

OrCam understands what the user wants, whether it’s to read, find an item or recognize a product. All it takes is a simple, intuitive, pointing gesture. The ‘base unit’ is smaller than the average glasses case, and fits in ones pocket or clips to the belt. It can also read printed text, in real time. Whether one wishes to read newspapers, books, signs, labels on consumer products or even text on a computer or phone, OrCam makes it all possible.

orcam1When pointrd to a specific article or paragraph, the device starts reading from the beginning of that section, translating the printed word into audio in under two seconds.

OrCam can also be personalized by teaching it to recognize specific objects around us. It can recognize products and money notes to make shopping quicker and easier. It can recognize personal items, like credit cards. No computer or internet connection is necessary.

In the future, the company claims that OrCam will be equipped with facial recognition, the ability to recognize places, colors and much more.

Here’s how it works:

For more information, visit www.orcam.com

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