pureHORN By ROLF Spectacles : As Unique As They Get

The Austrian company introduces eye-wear made from real horn


ROLF-advanced-pureHORN-MAJESTIC81-detail002ROLF Spectacles is renowned to experiment with varying products to create a stylish pair of spectacle frames, and like always, the pureHORN collection too is made without metal or other additional materials.

The frame is connected from the molding to the temple tip, through a unique curvature assigned to the hinge. Unlike any other horn-rimmed frames, even the hinges are made from pure horn.

Since horn is a highly sensitive natural product, the precision required in its processing is an absolute must, and each horn plate for the frame are carefully selected. The company has even designed a unique glazing system for such materials, to retain their purity.

The special development of these frames, and the patent glazing technique combined with the perfect processing of the design, all contribute towards the creation of the pureHORN collection.

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