Shamir Releases Revolutionary Freeform Design: Shamir Autograph III®

Shamir announces latest product release at Vision Expo East

Shamir_Logo_White[0]Shamir Insight, Inc., manufacturer of premium progressive lenses, is launching their newest Freeform design, Shamir Autograph III® – A New Visual Experience.  This design, available to order beginning March 18, 2013, is another revolutionary upgrade to Shamir’s already premium line of progressive lenses.  Autograph III® is the new and improved version of their most premium design currently available, Shamir Autograph II®.   Autograph III® features many upgrades including EyePoint Techonology III®, Shamir’s premium lens design software which has received upgrades of its own.  Autograph III® incorporates several other new features, including Natural Posture, IntelliCorridor and As-Worn Quadro, Shamir’s redesigned As-Worn Technology.  Shamir Autograph III® will be available in 11mm, 13mm, 15mm and 18mm fitting heights as well as a variable design (11mm and up).

EyePoint Technology® is Shamir’s patented lens design software which simulates the human eye at every angle, prescription and field of vision.  Shamir’s scientists have recently improved their premium lens design software with the release of Autograph III®.  EyePoint Technology III® has been engineered to focus on the real world images that the wearer sees and provides an improved viewing experience for all patients regardless of lens power and frame choice.  This real-world-vision experience is what Shamir believes separates EyePoint Technology III® from any other design technology available.  The goal of this new technology is to overcome the problem of different prescription-related viewing experiences through the same zone of the lens.  Previously, each patient’s perceived viewing field was significantly different based on their prescription, although the lens design remained the same.  For instance, when viewing an object, a minus power lens increased the field of view, while a plus power lens would reduce the field of view, allowing the plus power patient to see less of the object.  EyePoint Technology III® has effectively solved this problem, so both hyperopic and myopic patients experience similar viewing fields, by enabling the ability to provide a different lens design for the Hyperopic and Myopic patient.

Autograph-III-Product-BoxShamir Autograph III® utilizes another new technology from Shamir, Natural Posture.  This new ergonomic design concept shifts the near viewing zone within the lens corridor based on the plus or minus power of the prescription.  This places the reading zone in exactly the correct location for each individual wearer and reduces the need for the wearer to tilt their head forwards or backwards or lower or raise their reading material to find the right viewing distance and angle.  This eliminates the discomfort in the wearers posture and patients are ensured a comfortably natural posture during near viewing.

Shamir Autograph III® also incorporates IntelliCorridor, a technology which allows Shamir’s designers to control the power profile of the lens, based on the needs of the individual wearer.  Shamir Autograph III® is optimally suited to meet the visual needs of patients who frequently use digital devices, without compromising on optimal viewing comfort for every visual range and activity.  IntelliCorridor technology has been used in other Shamir designs, including Shamir InTouch and Shamir Golf.

As-Worn Technology utilizes three measurements: Vertex Distance, Pantoscopic Tilt, and Panoramic Angle to ensure patients receive the most precise lenses possible.  With As-Worn Quadro, Shamir has improved this previous technology even further by multiplying the design dimensions by four and allowing Shamir Autograph III® to offer four times greater design stability, which provides wearers even greater comfort and ease of transition when switching between frames.

Available in CR-39, SuperLite 1.60, SuperLite 1.67, SuperLite 1.74, Polycarbonate, DLC Trivex, and NXT, Autograph III® will be available to order through Shamir’s network of Autograph® partner laboratories on March 18th.

“It’s been over five years since the release of our groundbreaking Autograph II® design.  Since that time, our scientists have turned lens designing upside down and have come out with what we believe is a revolution in lens design.  Our new design software, called Eyepoint Technology III® is responsible for what will create Shamir’s new generation of freeform lenses, starting with our newest design, Autograph III®,” said Matt Lytle, VP Marketing.  “Autograph III® is a new balanced progressive lens, holistically adapted to the patient, and ensuring a clear and comfortable visual experience for all. It offers real solutions to address the individual visual issues of hyperopic and myopic presbyopes.  Its ergonomic design concept minimizes postural discomfort and reduces undesirable head movements. It has a unique power profile providing clearer intermediate vision for handheld devices, and it provides four times greater design stability to frame tilt variations, in any chosen frame.  All this science means the patient will now have what we believe is the most clear and comfortable visual experience available on the market today.”

Shamir Autograph III® provides another opportunity for practices participating in Shamir’s ReCreating Perfect Vision® (RCPV®) Rewards Program to earn rewards points.  ECP’s will earn 2,250 points for each Autograph III® pair dispensed.

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