Silhouette Wins Red Dot Design Award For Titan One

The one-piece glasses are made in Austria, and are available in a limited production of 4,000 pieces (repeated annually)

Titan One_4481_20_6051
The creation process for Titan One involves 170 steps

‘State-of-the-art’ and ‘an impressive piece of design engineering’ – this is how design experts have described the one-piece glasses, Titan One, by Silhouette. In fact, Titan One has already been officially distinguished as a designer piece, receiving the renowned Red Dot Design Award. The high-profile jury members quickly recognised that the combination of the best materials, precision handwork and an exemplary aesthetic design yield an expression of individuality.

“The Titan One Signature Collection is our masterpiece that unites the wearer and the eyewear in a thrilling environment. Receiving the award for this innovation, which is unique in the eyewear industry, is fantastic,” says Roland Keplinger, Head of Design at Silhouette.

Titan One_4439_60_6052_1
The Signature Collection has been available from March 2015

Titan One is made in Austria and the creation process involves 170 steps, not to mention years of research and development. The Signature Collection has been available from March 2015 in a limited production of only 4,000 pieces (repeated annually) at specialist stores around the world.

“The award highlights our international importance and reminds us yet again that we, as an expert team, have created something entirely unique,” Daniel Rogger, CEO Silhouette International, reflects on the award success.

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