Tailored Luxury: The new Rye&Lye Collection at Mido

March 2013 – There’s nothing more natural than the color of wood and the softness of leather. And there’s certainly nothing more stylish than wearing these every day, like veritable style details. 

CART_041Wood and leather: noble materials that embellish the new frames by Rye&Lye, luxury accessories that win you over with their charm of small, carefully crafted treasures. These authentic design objects can be worn as if they were works of art. All Rye&Lye eyewear has a 5-jointed hinge, something from the past that makes for a smoother side piece and adds sturdiness and premiumness to the eyewear designed to stand the test of time. A bespoke accessory true and proper.

The names hark back to important people, conjuring up unforgettable stories. Such as Carmen, for people who don’t want to go unnoticed but want to discreetly capture your attention, because of the leather-decorated side pieces and the 1950’s allure of the metal front piece.


amleto-c1An evocative name for men’s eyewear is Amleto, a small jewel of design with a boxy, elegant shape and with wood inserts on the acetate side pieces which have been so masterfully worked to make the two materials seem like one when touched. Wood detailing crafted by expert hands defines the unmistakable style of Nerone, giving this eyewear a modern touch but with an evergreen twist to it.

A perfect synthesis of elegance excavated from the past and with the appeal of the future, Rye&Lye eyewear is worn by aficionados of luxury which they see as being part of their personality. A luxury that is all about details which are never ostentatious but which can be perceived by those who are able to see the real refinement of the craftsmanship and pride of an all-Italian style.

The Rye&Lye collection is produced by Immagine 98.

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