Vision Rx Lab Ventures Into Qatar In Partnership With Concord Vision

Vision Rx Lab, the leading ophthalmic lens manufacturer from Asia, has further expanded its presence in the Middle East by partnering with Concord Vision, a reputed distributor of ophthalmic lens products in Qatar

Mr Lalit Kumar Gupta, CBO, Vision Rx Lab, addressing the participants at the launch seminar in Doha, Qatar

With this partnership in place, now Concord Vision will distribute all the value added products of Vision Rx Lab in the Qatar’s optical market, which would include digital lenses and tailored solutions like Nova HD, Nova 3Di offering wide visual fields for presbyopes, lens materials like Trivex and Blumax, advanced coatings like Satin Plus, Satin Plus UV, Satin Plus Blue, Sun Rx lenses with polarized tints and seven different mirror coatings and more.

Mr. Mansingh Rane, MD of Concord Vision with Mr. Siva Kumar, General Manager, Vision Rx Lab LLC Dubai

Speaking at the launch of Vision Rx Lab products in Doha, Qatar, Mr. Lalit Kumar Gupta, Chief Business Officer of Vision Rx Lab said, “Vision Rx Lab has been successfully catering to 53 countries across the world in collaboration with 80 international partners and Middle East being a key market for the optical industry we are excited to take forward our vast range of innovative eye-care solutions in the region with the expertise of regional player like Concord Vision”.

Participants at the Qatar launch seminar

Mr. Mansingh Rane, MD of Concord Vision is equally optimistic about this partnership, “We are a team of dedicated optical professional catering to Qatar market, having a good market reach in Qatar. We always strive to bring new and innovative technologies in eye-care to the market. And now with the introduction of the new range of products from Vision Rx Lab, Concord Vision will be covering entire series of innovative lens material and designs offered by the company.”

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