How Does VP Awards Benefit The Brands And Their Distributors?

Winning a VP Award, is, in a manner of speaking, getting appreciation and acknowledgement from the industry for their efforts.


From the perspective of the brands and its distributors, VP Awards offers them a chance to get their efforts recognised. Every brand and distributor takes great efforts to bring out each collection and model into the eyewear market, and it is their vision that ultimately moulds the market offerings.

Winning a VP Award, is, in a manner of speaking, getting appreciation and acknowledgement from the industry for their efforts. And of course, it gives them an opportunity, to finally lay claim to being the best in the industry, be it the luxury eyewear sector, Indian brands, lenses, contact lens, optometry colleges, etc.

Mr Siraj Bolar


This, of course, is the most crucial aspect for any optical business, and is directly related to the sales and profitability of every optical retail business. “ Besides this,” says Mr Siraj Bolar, CEO of FourPlus Media and Editor-in-Chief of VisionPlus, “VP Awards gives each optician a clearer picture of what the market, as a whole, is moving towardsIt helps them plan their moves and align themselves with the leading opticians in the country.”

While the entries for the awards have been shortlisted, the final nominations have been announced on  27th December 2013, by a select jury panel comprising eminent opticians from the country. Nomination Round Concludes Successfully At VP Awards Jury Meet – Excitement Continues.

VP Awards esteemed jury members:

Opticians can be assured that the winning products would surely be the best in its class in the industry. And with this confidence they can guide their customers to selecting what’s best — without any doubt.

The voting for the awards commenced on 1st January, 2014.
As of today, votes continue to pour in adding to the anxiety of the team and the participants.

So, what are you waiting for?! Visit and cast your VOTE now!

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