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COVID-19 Guidelines By Optometry Council Of India

In the current challenging times, the Optometry Council of India has curated a Covid-19 guideline document for Optometrists and Optical store owners to learn how to keep staff and customers safe.

The Optometry Council of India (OCI) has introduced COVID19 Guidelines Version 1, its first document as a complete guideline for the optical industry to be followed by its business practitioners across the country. The first version presented has been circulated to major optical outlets through the All India Optical Federation and Mumbai Optical association. It has been circulated to all the optometrists through the Optometry council of India and all optometry associations through the Optometry federation.

Vision 2020 has also circulated this document to all their member hospitals. World Council of Optometry has cited this document under their COVID-19 page, under the Asia Pacific region. It has been assumed that with this network approximately 20,000-30,000 opticians and optometrists have been reached.

Lakshmi Shinde, the CEO of the association says, this is the first instalment of the program undertaken by the association and similar documents will be presented from time to time to help the business community.

Many practicing optometrists and optical Store Owners are very optimistic about the benefit of applying these guidelines.

“These guidelines are all important for the safety and precautions for our customers and staff too. Keep up the great work.” said Mr. Sanjeev Madan, Partner, Bon Ton Opticians while Mr. Sudharshan Binani, President of the All India Optical Federation also endorsed this guideline document stating, “In these times of obscurity, the SOP created by your association has been extremely resourceful in streamlining our clinical protocols and has been unanimously applauded by our team members.”

“The guidelines set out have been very instrumental in leading us forward in the fight against Covid-19 and religiously following every mandate in it.” said Mohammed Sherif, Lens and Frames

“This is the true demonstration of teamwork of having many organisations coming together for the common cause. Well done OCI.” said Mr. Ramachandran P (Ram), Senior Eyewear Consultant.

“A very practical and useful tool that would be of great assistance for optical stores to stay open during this pandemic period.” said Vinod Daniel, CEO – India Vision Institute.

The document is planned to be updated from time to time as and when new evidence in practice arises. “It has been overwhelming to see the support we received from not only optometry associations but also from Optical colleagues and association. Our main aim is to create awareness in terms of change in practice due to Coronavirus and more and more practitioners and store owners should benefit from this knowledge.” says Lakshmi Shinde expressing her gratitude to the industry for appreciating the effort of the Association

Click here to see the guideline document.

COVID 19 guidelines_Version 1

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