Participants in VP Academy Bengaluru Edition

VP Academy In Bengaluru : A Review

VP Academy hosted its fifth session in Bengaluru on Feb 10, 2019. Attendees from Bengaluru and neighbouring districts participated enthusiastically in the insightful sessions from industry experts.

It was good to see participants driving 200km from Hassan, travelling from Thane and Pune besides Bengaluru on a Sunday to derive knowledge in their chosen business. It is a huge encouragement for us and it reiterates that knowledge seekers are also thought leaders and captains of the industry.


After the initial introduction by Manoj Balakrishnan of Essilor, the session started with Ananthalakshmi of Essilor. She spoke about the alarming increase in time spent on digital viewing which is more than time spent sleeping. Hence the eye tends to take the stress resulting in digital strain. Bengaluru with its youth population working strenuously on the various digital gadgets is prone to this onslaught.

Therefore, the need to combat the brighter screens, smaller screens and the longer use of devices, by adapting to technology which can take care of them. Eyezen does exactly that by giving protection from the harmful blue light and also supporting the new off and on focusing while on the gadgets.

Besides equipping oneself with the technical knowledge she also emphasised that the best way for the optical stores to ensure that their customers get the most is adherence to the AOS (Ask questions to determine customers needs, Offer solutions that are applicable and Show them how it works) technique. She also pointed out the need to ‘Plan Your Success’.

Next was the energetic presentation of Ralph Coutinho. Ralph spoke about the millennials and their psychographics. He also elaborated on how the stores would lose them and their parents if they are not able to answer the queries and give adequate guidance.  He reiterated the importance to communicate with them in the comfort of their language, with respect, they deserve and to apply the KYC (Know Your Customer) formula.

He also guided us on how to combat the reflection on the big-sized frames from behind by AR coating which avoids this reflection. Soon after a quick but sumptuous lunch at Bengaluru’s Hotel Pride where the sessions were being hosted, Alim Bolar presented the importance of a united digital platform. He explained that is the platform that is scalable and enables the industry to create their own individual digital platform and get the benefit of trading online with hardly any cost.

The next session was by the knowledgeable Anitha Arvind. She spoke about how contact lenses can be a comfortable option for the eyes and can give a non-obstructive view in the field of natural vision as well as reflections while maintaining the appearance.

Among the many pointers to the digital gadget users – she emphasised the stores to recommend customers to use the 20-second break – every 20 minutes – by looking 20 feet away.

The last session was held by Urmila Mitra Chandy – an image consultant, in her own charming style. She discussed about the various facial shapes and sizes as well as eyewear that suits them. She elaborated on the ratio of 1:1.5 (breadth: length) of facial size determining the best facial feature – i.e oval because almost any frame shape goes well.

It was good to see the enthusiasm of the attendees on a Sunday evening, lining up to give their video feedback and the need to have more of such sessions.

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