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Pammi Jamalpuria, VP – Corporate Marketing, Vision Rx Lab with her vast experience talks to VisionPlus about the flagship brand Nova Eyewear and the plan ahead for 
Vision Rx Lab

Nova Eyewear, the flagship brand for Vision Rx Lab, effectively addresses the need for vision correction and protection without compromising on aesthetics. Pammi Jamalpuria from Vision Rx Lab talks about what the brand has achieved in the last few years and the future plans for the brand.

VisionPlus (VP): Tell us about Nova Eyewear and how has its portfolio evolved in 
the last five years?
Pammi Jamalpuria (PJ):
Over the last five years Nova Eyewear has been expanding its portfolio with the latest in lens designs, materials, coatings, sunglasses and frames along with complete spectacle range to meet the varying visual needs and preferences for leading a dynamic lifestyle today, thus firmly establishing itself as a brand offering complete eyewear solution in its kitty.

Today the brand offers various categories of lenses which cater to different visual requirements such as relief from eye-fatigue, for sports, for the office environment, driving and progressives for different visual needs in latest frame styles and designs. Thus the consumers have ample options when it comes to choosing the right pair of eyewear for clear and healthy vision without compromising 
on aesthetics from a 
single brand.

The brand also roped in Bollywood diva, Jacqueline Fernandez as the global brand ambassador for Nova Eyewear in the wake of the completion of a decade of the brand in 2018. Since then, she has been promoting Nova Eyewear’s latest range of lenses, powered sunglasses and frames along with complete spectacle range internationally with élan, thus helping to popularize the brand and helping consumers to become more familiar with its product range.

VP: What are the three 
top differentiators for 
Nova Eyewear?
Nova Eyewear brings 
the latest innovations in eyewear solutions. It is one such unique brand which effectively addresses the need for vision correction and protection without compromising on aesthetics by providing the best eye-care products which are both high on technology and fashion. Furthermore, Nova Eyewear lenses are 100% digitally processed and comes with options for customisations 
to meet individual needs 
and preferences.

Also, Nova Eyewear is a brand which actively maintains its brand visibility with interesting consumer-centric campaigns and digital activations.

VP: Nova UHD: Tell us something more about this product. It has been nominated for the coveted VisionPlus Awards (Arabia) 
as well. How do you feel about that?
Nova UHD is the latest innovation in progressive lens category from Vision Rx Lab, which is designed considering today’s digital habits. Its digital profile technology ensures a longer vertical area making for a far more comfortable posture for near vision lens wearers.

The ergonomics have been designed for better adaptation and comfortable vision while reading and using digital devices. ‘Optireal’ measures the individual’s actual wearing habits to assess the required personalised refractive correction for the lens and deliver the exact requirement.

We are glad that this product has been well received in the market and also been acknowledged at the VisionPlus Awards (Arabia).

VP: Moving on to your profile at Vision Rx Lab. Tell us about the challenges that you faced when you led Nova Eyewear to a revamped strategy to 
go global.
All along it has been an exciting journey to build Nova Eyewear from a nascent stage to place of prominence today. The trade segment dynamics are a bit different from consumer segment dynamics; it is very interesting to learn to make the two click. Leading the brand, brick to brick was quite challenging and overall it was a great 
learning process.

Having established Nova Eyewear in the B2B segment, the consumer market is now being pursued with exciting brand promotions with brand ambassador Jacqueline Fernandez and robust digital and influencer engagements from time to time.

VP: What is in the pipeline for Nova Eyewear and Vision Rx Lab in the years to come?
We want to scale-up our business in the Middle-East through strategic branding and promotions. We would create consumer affiliation for our flagship brand Nova Eyewear through attractive campaigns with our brand ambassador and 360-degree marketing activation to increase footfalls and boost business growth.

VP: Digitalisation in the industry today is inevitable but there are different methods by which each organisation is adapting. What are the different options that Vision Rx Lab sees for itself in this aspect?
We live in an age where digital technology has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives. Digital technology has made a big impact on the optical industry as well.

Equipped with the latest cutting edge technology in digital surfacing, coating & tinting, Vision Rx Lab produces the best lenses 
that conform to ISO, CE 
and FDA standards.

The entire process of lens generation at our lab is fully automated involving the use of state-of-the-art robotic technology supervised by expert professionals to deliver efficient services. Even processes like Quality Control and Packing are now automated for quick turnaround time. It also maintains a 24×7 online lens ordering portal which allows customers to place orders anytime from anywhere.

VP: Tell us about the workplace culture and the activities that you have to keep your staff happy and motivated.
We have a work culture which nurtures individuals to flourish in their respective fields of interest and also provide deserving candidates with international exposure.

VP: Any message for 
our readers.
Your eyes are the window to your world so take adequate care with regular eye check-ups and solutions required for vision correction and protection.


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