VP Arabia Apr-Jun 2021


We recently hosted the ZEISS YOU&EYE AWARDS in India and it was a very satisfying project as I wanted to ensure that the message goes out strong that come what may the Optical Industry is alive and well. And thanks to the participating opticians, brand owners and sponsors, the whole industry was able to live this feeling.

We plan to have this event in the Middle East I am sure once the current pandemic eases and things get back to normal, we would be able to host it here in the Middle East as well.

I am equally excited and optimistic about VisionPlus Expo that’s scheduled for October 2021. Moving on to the current issue, we have David Beckham in Designer Profile while Trends features the News Styles For The New Normal. Meanwhile in Vision & Beyond, we have a feature on Freeform technology and in Eyeducation we cover Myopia in children.

Of course, the other regular features like Off the Shelf, Celebwatch and Blogspot will keep you interested as well. Enjoy the issue and stay safe.

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