Essilor Introduces New Lenses

The Varilux E series and the ESSIPAL lenses are the new products being offered by Essilor

Overcoming the limitations of traditional progressive lenses to offer an unmatched visual experience and enhance the vision of its users, the Varilux E series boasts of the newly developed Swim Control technology. 

The new technique which has been inspired by Nanoptix (a breakthrough technology used in Varilux S series lenses) reduces the Swim Effect and helps make adaptation easy.

The Swim Control feature of this lens is derived from a multi-patented calculation based on micro elements which are used to manage the lens addition independent of the curvature of the lenses, as a result of which the geometry of the lenses is perfectly controlled thus reducing the swim effect by as much as 50 per cent.

 Apart from having the advantage of the swim control technology, the Varilux E series lenses are manufactured with the most modern advanced digital surfacing system which makes sure that both the front and back surfaces of the lenses are accurately aligned during the surfacing process. This system requires precise calculations even as the advanced digital processing system is protected by as many as five patents.

EssiPal---poster-01 Another innovative option coming from Essilor are the ESSIPAL- Digitally Enhanced Progressive Lenses. As an individual ages, the eyes gradually lose the ability to focus on nearby objects indicating the onset of Presbyopia- a natural condition that reduces the ability of the eye to see clearly at nearby distances. The ESSIPAL lenses offer a solution to this problem.

ESSIPAL  is a single pair that allows anyone to see all distances clearly. These lenses are designed to offer perfect solution to today’s presbyopic generation needs i.e. Optimised Clarity, Sharp and precise vision and faster adaptation compared to standard progressive lenses.

The innovative design of these lenses minimise the discomfort of the dividing lines of bifocal lenses and move on to the progressive vision experience.  It comes with three vibrant designs which include Spex + digital, Espace digital and Xion Digital

The Spex + digital lenses come with a soft design which ensures easy adaptation and helps the wearer see clear at varying distances. The Espace + Digital is an ideal choice for everyday life activities like, driving,  ATM transaction, computer work and other routine tasks. It comes with an asymmetric design that guarantees less distortion. The third variant is Xion Digital offers accurate vision whether the wearer was formerly myope, hyperope or emmetrope. This guarantees maximum comfort of the wearer.

Essipal Digital  entry range offers the most appropriate lens solution irrespective of their everyday  lifestyle.

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