Suprol Launches Sola Progressives In India

Indian Optics Pvt. Ltd. has tied up with Carl Zeiss Vision to manufacture and market products from the Sola brand in India

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Suprol has introduced SolaOne and Sola Compact ULTRA as its first offerings in the Indian market

Suprol, one of India’s leading brands of ophthalmic lenses, has once again lived up to its promise of delivering world-class products at Indian prices.

Indian Optics Pvt. Ltd., the company behind Suprol, has entered into an exclusive arrangement with Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH, Germany, to manufacture and market their iconic brand Sola in India. Started in 1960 in Australia, Sola was one of the first brands to introduce the extremely popular CR39 material. Sola, now a part of Carl Zeiss group, remains one of the iconic brands with good recall in India.

Sola is identified as one of the makers of the most versatile and easy to adapt lenses. Suprol is adhering to the same inherent qualities, while incorporating the latest innovations and technologies in the world of optics.

Suprol has introduced two of Sola’s most popular progressives, SolaOne and Sola Compact ULTRA, as its first offerings in the Indian market. SolaOne is designed to be an all-purpose progressive lens, allowing wearers to perform all daily visual tasks without the limitations and compromises of ordinary progressives. A great balance between visual and ergonomic comfort, SolaOne is available with anti-reflection SDF coating for clarity, superior scratch resistance and ease of cleaning.

For those who prefer small frames, Sola Compact ULTRA promises to provide the most comfortable progressive. With a 13mm fitting height, Compact Ultra delivers full prescribed reading area in small and ultra-small frames. And with 17mm all the way down to 13mm fitting heights, finally progressive lens customers can expect superior vision with more frame choices.

Sola progressives are widely admired for their easy acceptance by the customers, be it first time users, or those intending to replace their progressives.

Coupled with Suprol’s most modern manufacturing facility, its wide distribution base and experienced marketing team, one can expect Sola progressives to do well in the Indian market.

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