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The best measure of eye care data management efficiency is the additional time it gives you for other things – like caring for your patients. The FORUM® family from Carl Zeiss
comprises a range of products designed to optimize data management in your practice. It streamlines your workflow with completely paperless data transfer, even between
multiple practice sites.

More than that, FORUM automatically prepares case-specific displays and combined reports, immediately presenting diagnostic data in clinically relevant ways – for example, with the new FORUM Glaucoma Workplace, an application that enables quick and efficient glaucoma assessments in the examination lane. With its integration capabilities, FORUM provides an entirely new level of data mastery. Additionally, the FORUM Viewer App for the iPad® further extends your FORUM patient data access and review flexibility – giving you more time for what matters most: your patients .

1Streamline your workflow

Efficiency is key in today’s eye care facilities. FORUM greatly simplifies overall clinical workflow in a number of ways.

Save time

With FORUM, paper handling and manual patient-demographic-data registration at every instrument are a thing of the past. Communication is fully digital and paperless. Patient demographics are sent to the instrument via the worklist with a single mouse click. All exam data are centrally stored in the FORUM Archive and can be quickly accessed anytime with the FORUM Viewer – in your practice or from remote sites.

Save space

A completely paperless workflow environment lets you save on storage space and filing cabinets. It also does away with the hassle of manually searching for archived documents.

Save costs

Your annual costs for printouts, ink, paper archives and printers are greatly reduced, if not eliminated altogether.

2Focus your assessments

In today’s eye care operation, having fast access to clinically relevant data plays an increasingly important role. FORUM greatly facilitates clinical case visualization by preparing ophthalmic data and images in a way that lets you immediately focus your assessments. For example, with clinical applications like the new FORUM Glaucoma Workplace.

Fast, efficient glaucoma assessment

The FORUM Glaucoma Workplace allows fast, at-a-glance glaucoma assessments. It enables interactive analysis of visual field data from the Humphrey® Field Analyzer (HFA) in the examination lane and automatically generates reports that combine structure and function information from CIRRUS™ HD-OCT, HFA and fundus images.


Intuitive data comparison

With just 2 mouse clicks, the unique clinical display function of FORUM automatically
selects the relevant images and reports for reviewing different clinical cases. It also
lets you conduct OD/OS comparisons just as easily.

Desktop integration with Review software

FORUM centrally stores the raw data of the CIRRUS HD-OCT and the Humphrey Field Analyzer, enabling, for example, progression analyses independent of where the patient was examined. CIRRUS HD-OCT Review software can be launched from the FORUM Viewer (“desktop integration”), letting you view and analyze your OCT data virtually anywhere.

4Master your data

FORUM integrates conveniently into your existing IT infrastructure using recognized standards as well as customized tools. It also centrally stores and manages all examination data, creating data consistency across the board – letting you achieve a whole new level of data mastery.

Instrument integration

Using the DICOM standard, FORUM connects diagnostic instruments from Carl Zeiss as well as those of other manufacturers. Non-DICOM instruments can be connected with the FORUM LINK Tools.

IT landscape integration


FORUM integrates with electronic medical records, practice management systems and hospital information systems using DICOM, HL7 and other interfaces.

Data migration

FORUM also provides tools for the migration and reconciliation of large amounts of legacy data from your diagnostic instruments.

Standards compliance

FORUM is a medical device that complies with the DICOM and HL7 standards – ensuring compatibility, making FORUM a proven investment for the present and the future.

Windows and Mac OS X

The FORUM Viewer runs on both Windows and Mac operating systems, offering you full flexibility.

Multi-practice data exchange

Dedicated communication features optimize the accessibility and exchange of diagnostic data between multiple practice sites.

FORUM Viewer App

The FORUM Viewer App for the iPad lets you review your FORUM Archive patient data wherever and whenever you want.

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