The Year Ends On A Glittery Note!

Glitter frames are here this season to make you shine brighter. So, twinkle, twinkle, you little star!

woodone-bling-lr1What is a trend? Something that everyone is wearing? Something that is too common? Is that what setting up a trend is? We believe, trend is something that comes from within. Something that you like to carry and something that you don’t mind being noticed. In fact, something that you want to boast about and show around.. That’s what trend is. It’s a choice, it’s an individuality, it’s YOUR personality.

This time, let’s do some glam-sham and bam-bam! Let’s talk about something that cannot be left unnoticed. So subtle, yet so different. Glitter is something no one can dislike, like you see something shining and you are immediately attracted towards it. And it’s even better when it’s on your frame. It’s just your personal kind of sparkle, that you sprinkled around.. ON YOUR FRAME.

A glitter eyewear, is nothing but a delicate touch of glam credential that one can add to the personality. Like it speaks for itself. You might not notice it, but you know you love it. Also, there’s always a feeling when you put the glitter eyewear on, A PARTY FEELING. Like you are feeling festive, constantly. What better way to kick up a dull moment than just putting on some shades that come with glitter.


Yes, it does. Glitter frames have the capability of kicking up any casual outfit on an average day. Like there’s no dulling around with a pair of eyewear like that. And the best part with glitter is, you don’t need a specific colour tone. It goes with any frame of any colour, and well, for any occasion. Recently, glitter frames have turned out to be the favourite pick for professionals who work 9 to 5 and need wee bit more of motivation to work all day and that cannot just be a lipstick. Let’s face it, if you look good, you feel good. The glitter frames are just a way of reminding how special you are, and how you deserve to sparkle just a little much, every day.

Alanya by WooDone
Alanya by WooDone


So this is in all fairness. But can you think of any other thing that shines and still goes with every object? The eyewear designers have played smart this season, they knew they had to bring something that can receive no complaints and just demands. They chose to add something that shines and is also fine-drawn to be an add-on for anyone’s personality.

Glitter frames can be in any shape and size and they’ll still manage to look charming! That’s like-everything you wanted in your regular spectacles. The fact that glitter looks sassy yet classy in all shapes, like, round, square and goes with all the materials, like acetate, wood, plastic, metal etc., might just be something no other fashion eyewear could do justice to. It’s like, a necklace for your eyes.

LaDonna By Eblock
LaDonna By Eblock


Apart from the fact that glitter looks wonderful on every face, shape and skin colour, there’s one more attribute that the frames that have glitter create a difference with. And that is the detailing. You can have it embroidered into little carvings, spread in a matte texture or just simply on the eyeframe in a sprinkled form. It looks good every way. Like there’s no saying no to the idea of adding a glitter frame into your collection.


There are so many. And all of them are doing such a great job in making everyone falling in love with these exquisite details of the eyewear. They knew no one really wants to let go off an opportunity to wear some glitter. So they made it for every shape, size and face!

EBlock brings the bright collection, that consists of metal frames, which play with contrasting colour finishes between the inside and outside, in tonalities that are softer and more natural. The collection comes in three versions: One, Circle and Wire (rimless). The Easy Block Cube is moved onto the temples in the Gold In The Side collection, that allows easing the design of the front piece while maintaining the distinctive element of the brand.

WooDone eyewear for this season, has dressed up its frames with a ‘Bling’ that enhances the power of wood to create a precious fashion accessory with a spectacular effect. The models, ‘Light Bling’ and ‘Dark Bling’ from Dolomite collection are covered with Galena, a typical stone from Dolomiti Mountains which is reduced into dust and put on the surface of the frame as a special coating, conferring the spectacular sheen of quartz which lights up with thousands of reflections. Can you feel the magic already?18269152713_1993b9a6d8_o

kate spade, has introduced Fall/Winter collection, 2016 and is nothing that you have already seen. Wonderfully original, inspired by the bohemian spirit of sirens, divas and creative firebirds of the stage, this collection conjures up images of Billie Holiday singing the blues in an intimate jazz club, Sade’s smooth and soulful sophisti-pop and Liza Minnelli’s divine decadence in cabaret. There’s an air of electric individuality and romance with a feminine lightness of touch. These frames sure sync well with the personality and steal your heart. The LaDonna is all the glitter we love!

So everyone, we hope the whole world shines for you when you see it with your GLITTERING eyes.

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